CrewConnect Europe
09 April 2019 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Empire Riverside Hotel
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97
Hamburg, 20359

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The most established and comprehensive solutions-based event dedicated to crewing & marine education and training in Europe.

The wind of change has been blowing faintly throughout the industry for a few years but now everyone is feeling it. We are here not only to provide you with the latest forecast, but more importantly, to help you navigate change with the aid of research, solutions from inside and outside the industry and a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

In developing this conference, we've spoken to a lot of Marine HR professionals and here's what you can look forward to when you attend CrewConnect Europe 2019.

Spoiler: It's a combination of the day to day and inspiration for the future!

Competencies for shipping's digital future
With the changes in the industry such as more sophisticated equipment, and changing seafarer mindsets, the central question of the conference will be what does the future seafarer profile look like?

Policy and regulation updates
We will hear from regulators such as ILO, IBF, ITF and ICS on some of the most impactful outcomes of their work in past year and what that means for your seafarers and your business.

A dose of inspiration
Between the pressures of running a business in a increasingly volatile market, the race to predicting and preparing for the future and looking out for your human asset, we think you need a bit of time for inspiration and our cool kids will provide just that!

Fresh perspectives
Willing or not, we are all marketers. Or we should be for the sake of the future of our industry. We'll look at shipping's problem of visibility and attractiveness for the talent market, as well as who the cadets of the future are and dealing with cyber security and personal data management.

CrewConnect in action
This year we'll make you work for your conference coffee. The programme includes working groups focused on three very specific challenges which you will work on, guided by a specialist and we expect results. There is so much talent and experience in the room and we aim to capitalize on it!

Back to Basics: redesigning standards
Almost a decade needed to pass & implement a set of standards that meet the minimum requirements for competency of crews, regulatory leadership is generally not the first port of call when we consider a better way. So, can design thinking be employed to instigate change and progress from within the industry?