Would you like a top listing on Google?

Jakob le Fevre
Top listing in Google is good business. This is why thousands if not millions of companies spend a lot of money on Google Adwords every day. The positive thing about this service is that it works! But it is relatively expensive, you will have to continously pay for being in top and you risk paying for less serious clicks - curious George as we use to call it in a previous company I was working for.

Everybody use Google. At least in the western world. China and Russia probably have something else but for western companies the main challenge in business is to be found when people are searching on Google.

We launched www.maritimeprofessionals.net in the beginning of 2017 with the clear objective of creating better visibility on Google for companies operating in the maritime business.

It is only a couple of months ago, but things are really moving here. Traffic is increasing every day and we are busy identifying bugs, implementing improvements and establishing the world-wide network of regional managers.

Yesterday, a company called Gold Ancher Consulting registered at the portal. The company is for me unknown and I don´t even know if they have a website. They are located in Panama.

I tried to search the company on Google and BANG, top result - on maritimeprofessionals.net. This is a totally free posting - but yet, they gain maximum attention to the company if anybody google the name.

This is very motivating and we see better and better listings every day on crucial keywords.

We rate good on events too, IMPA2017 is still on page two on Google - but is moving up every day. Event listings are free too!

If you represent a company, you can use maritimeprofessinals.net in the following ways:

  • Post your company's latest open positions.
  • Search for events, conferences, go-home meetings, seminars and much more. And add them to your own calendar.
  • Add you own event or meeting to the international maritime calendar.
  • Search for freelancers to work with you on various tasks, without the difficulties of hiring staff.
  • Create a freelancer profile and be contacted for relevant opportunities.
  • Search for companies relevant to your business, either locally or internationally in the company directory.
  • Create a company profile and be contacted for business opportunities by companies around the world.
The really great thing is that you don´t neeed a credit card - and all basic listings is entirely free.

What are you waiting for?

Best Regards

Jakob le Fevre

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