What does IMO 2021 mean for you?

The need for a change of mindset on IT and OT at sea is reinforced by the requirement to have cyber security in your safety management system by January next year. Here’s a Mini Guide to IMO 2021 Cyber Risk Management and other resources to help you prepare for compliance.
From 1 January 2021, all commercial ships with over 500 gross tonnage will be required to include cyber security in their safety management systems.

Achieving compliance will bring additional benefits in terms of the adoption of digitalisation on board vessels, the implementation of more secure IT networks at sea and improved efficiency for shipping companies.

What is IMO 2021?

Find out about the regulations and what they mean for you.

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Achieving Digitalisation and Complying with Cyber Security – White Paper

The maritime industry is experiencing the rapid adoption of digital tools and services as shipowners look to technology to deliver greater efficiency and reduced costs. Research conducted for Marlink found that 34,000 commercial vessels will have VSAT capabilities by the end of 2020. This will increase to nearly 80,000 vessels by the end of 2029.

But embracing digitalisation is not a part-time process, it demands full commitment and a complete integration of vessel fleets with onshore systems.

To help you assess your current digital strategy and prepare for IMO 2021 compliance, our white paper outlines the many benefits of taking a proactive stance on your onboard IT.
Download our Mini Guide to IMO 2021 and the “Achieving Digitalisation” White Paper here.
Source: Marlink 
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