WENCON is looking for a distributor in Turkey

WENCON recently announced Goltens Shanghai Co. Ltd. as WENCON’s exclusive Distributor in China. The company has been extremely diligent in establishing local representation in China, and in selecting the right company to uphold the high standards, in order to give the customers in China, the very best service and support.
Goltens Shanghai provide high-tech products and services throughout China and helps ship owner and power plants operator across the world, to minimize asset downtime. We are confident that this new relationship will significantly benefit our fast-growing customer base in China.
Goltens represent 1300 skilled people in 15 countries, dedicated to minimizing asset downtime. Goltens Shanghai are represented in Zhoushan, Guangzhou, Dalian, Yiulian and with head office in Shanghai. They represent many high-quality products and are ready to support customers throughout China with excellent sale support.
WENCON are now looking to expand the global representation consisting of 27 distributors and service centers world-wide even further, with a distributor in Turkey. They are looking for a financially solid company, that can see the potential in WENCON´s solutions and ensure that the products are marketed in the country. It is an advantage if the company is already active in the maritime business, delivering to shipyards and shipowners.
MARPRO is assisting in the search and you are welcome to contact Managing Director Jakob le Fevre at from MARPRO, if you want to learn more about this representation.

A WENCON customer case story:
WENCON UW Coating in action: A customers story of a repair that saved them a second round in the dock and prevented corrosion to the hull.
In 2016 a bulker from Maestro Shipping S.A. suffered a grounding. Fortunately, it grounded on sand bottom, and the damage was minor. Nevertheless, the sand had quite effectively, scraped off the paint down to bare steel on some areas on the flat bottom.
The Bulker was taken to dock for minor repairs and recoating of the flat bottom where the paint had been scrapped off. After docking, there were still a few spots left without paint where the supports and keel blocks had been positioned. Therefore, they decided to use the UW coating to protect the hull, on the areas that still had no paint.
It took 3 days in total to complete the job.
The divers first performed tests of the product on a small steel plate (see images), while testing different application methods, paint brush, paint roller and spatula.
They ended up by deciding on a technique for the underwater application, by pouring a small portion of the Wencon UW Coating into some small plastic bags, from which they could press out the coating directly on to the appointed surface and apply it with a spatula.

After mixing the two components, the pot life of the UW coating is 25-30 minutes at 20° C. Therefore, the product had to be mixed in small quantities for each dive.
In one of the pictures you see the many small pots with the UW coating, lined up and ready for mixing. This way, only small portions are mixed at the time, reducing waste and simplifying the mixing process.
“At first, I thought that the bright orange color was too bright, but after a diving inspection about 6 month after the repair, this bright orange color actually proved to be very useful, as the diver could immediately find the areas where the repair had been carried out. After the diver showed us the photos of the coated areas, we were impressed with the good condition and intact sealing the WENCON UW Coating has provided.”
Says Michael Dannesboe from Maestro Shipping S.A.

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