Weilbach bids farewell to its original name

Over the past decade, Weilbach has been transitioning from its logistics and paper-products business to a maritime software company and, following a series of acquisitions of software companies, the company is ready for even higher aspirations. So changing its name is a natural part of this process.

“Our digital business of selling software solutions to the maritime industry, etc., currently accounts for 60–70% of our turnover. Over the past few years, we’ve acquired a couple of software companies that develop and design software solutions. This has onboarded the skill-sets we need to take yet another step on our journey,” says Torben Frerks, CEO, Weilbach.

Name change is a natural step

As part of transitioning from an analogue to a digital company, Weilbach has now bid farewell to much of the original company name “Iver C. Weilbach og Co. A/S” which has followed the business for more than 250 years. The new company name will simply be “Weilbach A/S”. According to Torben Frerks, the name change is a natural step on the company’s developmental journey:

“Today, Weilbach is a foundation-owned, public limited company and no longer connected to the original family. In addition, we are now a maritime software and data company with limited sales of paper products, such as nautical charts, so the old parent company has been transformed into a completely different type of business than it was just a few years ago. The company is a global player known as ‘Weilbach’ in everyday communications. This makes changing our name to the simpler, more up-to-date ‘Weilbach A/S’ a natural choice for several reasons.”
Source: Weilbach 
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