Time to retire the term Seaman ?

The country's higher education institutions had an application deadline on July 5 at. 12, and it is now clear that more people than ever have chosen SIMAC (Svendborg International Maritime Academy). As many as 28% more than last year have chosen a maritime education in Svendborg as their first priority. This is the highest percentage increase among all higher education institutions in Denmark.
In the admission note from the Ministry, SIMAC is specifically mentioned as the educational institution with the highest percentage increase in the number of 1st priority applicants since 2019. The number is in the year 220, which is an increase of 28%. SIMAC has experienced a great growth in the last two admissions via the coordinated registration. Since 2018, the growth in the total number of new students has been 63%.

Jan Askholm, Director of Studies at SIMAC, welcomes the figures “the total number of applicants for SIMAC's programs is very satisfactory. It is great that so many young people have come to the realization of what wonderful and diverse opportunities there are with a maritime education. We look forward to welcoming them to August. ” 
At Simac, the number of female applicants has increased significantly in 2020 and a total of 20.5 per cent. of the applicants women. Several of the maritime education programs are working to get more women to apply.
The coordinated application for July 2020 shows the following distribution among applicants at Simac:

Ship officer: 50 per cent. women

Master: 30.5 per cent. women

Engineer: 9.5 per cent. women

In comparison, the status of the total proportion of girls attending Simac now is as follows:

Ship officer: 8.3 per cent. women

Master: 18.8 per cent. women

Engineer: 3.4 per cent. women

That is a total of: 7.3 per cent. women who are currently attending Simac 
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