The expense of hiring the wrong candidate can be up to 1/3 years’ salary

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Finding the right employees is essential for most companies. And the expense of hiring the wrong candidate can be up to 50.000$ depending on position. To avoid mistakes, it is important to not only focus on professionalism. Profile and personality have gained far greater importance, experts say.

We believe that employees generally play a far greater role than before, as customers more closely identify the individual employee with the business he or she works for.

"Companies need to be aware that employees are not just employees but act as ambassadors for the entire company. This is why, personality is becoming a professional feature." - Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director in the search & selection company Marpro says, and continues: "The individual employee's impact on customers means far more for the experience of the company than it did before. For example, it is not enough for customers to talk to an anonymous customer service employee - they want to know exactly who they have spoken to.”

The cost of the bad hire is not only the salary. The damaged relations with your costumers and the good employees that might leave can prove to be even more expensive.

"Customers can share their user experience with their network through an app or website. It's easier than ever to report a business based on the experience you've gained. If the employee delivers a good or bad service, the news spreads quickly. "

Six tips to find the right employee:

• Make a clear job- AND personal-description
• Include other employees in the process
• Use LinkedIn as an initial screening tool and be visible in relevant LinkedIn groups
• Do not take the first and best – consider wildcards carefully and choose from a field of minimum 3 good candidates.
• Consider tests - there are different types of tests that you use in connection with employee recruitment. Personality tests are often used in the initial stages, but also cognitive test are very useful.
• By using a recruiting agency, companies can save between 50-90% of the time they would have used for recruitment. Time well spent on other things.
LinkedIn only as a research tool
A survey from the University of Southern Denmark shows that a wrong hire can easily cost the company up to 50.000$. It is immensely important for small and medium-sized companies to hire the right profile - first.
LinkedIn has begun to play a bigger role. In 2011, three per cent of companies utilized LinkedIn as a recruitment channel. Today, numbers have grown to 34 per cent, according to a recent survey.
LinkedIn is a good recruitment tool. But it must never replace the in-depth talks and screening processes that precedes an appointment. Especially given the importance of personal profile in these years.

LinkedIn is really good at maintaining networks and doing initial research on a potential candidate. E.g. LinkedIn may help to shed light on the experience. But it can never replace the personal contact. A thorough recruitment process has to include assessing potential employees based on their attitude, work ethic and personality.

Finding the right employee is a tough job, so ask yourself this(be honest): Am I really qualified for that type of job?
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