The Danish maritime business employs nearly 100.000

The report on the contribution of the Blue Denmark to employment and production in Denmark has been prepared for the Danish Maritime Authority. The report is an update of similar reports from 2014-2018 partially financed with support from the Danish Maritime Fund.
Compared to previous editions, updated registry and national accounts statistics up to and including 2018, or so far compared to the data basis is possible. The Blue Denmark consists of many very different companies - e.g. offshore companies that contribute to oil extraction and wind turbine setup etc .; shipping companies sailing with goods or passengers; Danish ports and freight terminals, serving a regional catchment; freight forwarders and ship brokers; repair and newbuilding yards; industrial companies that supply equipment and components to yards around the world, etc.
The common feature is that companies have head office and / or activities in Denmark, and their activity is related to maritime transport or any other company at sea.
The main conclusions of the analysis
  • In 2018, Blue Denmark directly employs 60,271 people. Overall The Blue Denmark employs 96,164 people when making the indirect contribution through demand for goods and services in other Danish industries is recognized. It corresponds to respectively. 2.1 percent and 3.4 percent of total employment in Denmark. This is similar to last year.
  • The total contribution to employment in the Blue Denmark decreased during the period 2007-2018. Underlying, direct employment fell by 15,037 people, while indirect employment increased by 2,746 persons.
  • Production in the Blue Denmark in 2018 is 350 billion DKK. DKK and BVT of 83.6 billion. This corresponds to 8.9 percent of total production and 4.4 percent of BVT in the overall economy. Including the indirect contribution is the total contributions respectively 10.5 and 5.9 percent.
  • For every employee, the Blue Denmark creates more than twice as much BVT as the average in the Danish economy.
  • Exports in Blue Denmark totaled just over DKK 258 billion in 2018. That's slightly more than last year. This represents 25.7 percent of total exports of goods and services. Including indirect exports constitutes the share 28.9 percent. That's a little more than last year.
  • In 2018, exports represent a total of 82.8 percent of the production value in the Blue Denmark, of which 73.6 per cent is direct and 9.2 per cent indirect. It is a little more than last year.
  • In the period 2005-2015, Det Blue Denmark has had productivity growth of 0.2 percent per year, driven by declining oil and gas production. It is not it is possible to assess the development from 2015 to 2016 due to changes in Denmark Statistics definition of the oil and gas industry. Shipping was hit hard the crisis in 2009, but has since recovered the lost earnings and productivity, and overall have seen a 3.7 percent increase in productivity against 0.9 in the overall Danish economy. The Equipment industry has experienced
  • a high average productivity growth of 4.5 percent per year. 
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