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Peter Schellenberger
Producing campaigns that deal with sustainability and environmental concerns has always been one of the many priorities of Thome Group. This year, their target is to educate the seafarers onboard while using material that is very cost-efficient, hence the launching of the Thome Reusable Water Bottle Campaign.

With their strong conviction to be mindful of overusing the world’s resources and lessen their environmental impact, they have decided to play their part by embarking on a very important project. It is to replace the 1.5L PET bottled water that has been used and consumed on vessels for many years. The ecological footprint for this is not only the plastic of the individual bottles, but also the transportation and the pallet/shrink wrap packaging used to ship these items in bulk.

Thome Group has decided to include a 0.75L stainless steel drinking bottle as part of crews’ PPE packs. The Group is also completing a trial to promote the installation of 3 to 4 safe and practical drinking water stations/fountains onboard. They are supporting this with an educational campaign and confidence building measures to reassure crew that fountain water is safe for consumption, supported by regular testing. Added to that, they have also joined the global IMPA initiative to document our efforts and successes with this initiative.

The Reusable Water Bottle Campaign aims to reduce the plastic consumption on all vessels. For years, dumping of plastic waste in the ocean has resulted in many environmental issues like global warming, water pollution, and harm to marine animals.
This article is shared by courtesy of Thome Group. 
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