MARPRO Partner Match service is gaining traction

Many companies active in the maritime business reach a point where they realize that representation in other countries could be an advantage. Setting up an office in another country can be a challenge for many reasons. That´s why the majority companies start the global expansion with teaming up with a local company.

The expanding company wants a business partner, which are economically solid enough to invest time and travel expenses in the partnership. They want a business partner that can open new doors. On top of this, if they have an existing product portfolio, it should match the new products to ensure a logic concept. If you e.g. want to promote stainless steel pipes, an agent representing sanitary systems could be an idea.

These companies are not easy to identify on a global scale, it is time consuming and it is sometimes done with the left hand, while the right hand is busy reaching sales targets with the existing sales organization.
With the background in this challenge MARPRO have developed a concept named Partner Match
Jakob le Fevre from MARPRO explains:
“When I decided to go independent, I had more than 12 years of maritime sales experience on executive level behind me. Most of the companies I had worked for was exporting companies and I had the responsibility for the sales network of agents, dealers and distributors – and I was even involved in setting up an office in China and learned from my own experience how complicated this was. The way the network was built and maintained was quite unstructured and often a random process, where people were meeting e.g. by coincidence at maritime exhibitions. While I personally have tremendous respect for personal meetings, I had an idea, that this process could be optimized. Shortly after starting MARPRO up, I was contacted by old friends from the business, who knew my network and they asked for assistance of this kind. In the beginning, I worked in excel and outlook, performing hours of research but in 2020 I am proud to say that we have completely optimized the process and that we are now using latest state-of-the-art software to assist us.”

MARPRO have worked with Partner Match for a number of both start-ups and well-established companies, like Aksis Fire, Hasytec, Aalesund Maritime, Infuser, Loewe Marine, Wencon and BAWAT.
“We have been working together with MARPRO and their Partner Match Program to search for potential new distributors in Turkey. MARPRO worked very professionally with our case, and it was a short and effective process, seeking out and selecting a handful of relevant partners having meetings with. By outsourcing this process, we were able to speed up the process while saving internal resources without compromising with our requirements to future sales partners. Our next job with Marpro is a Partner Match process for future partners in the USA. “

Ole Eriksen, Sales Director, Wencon ApS.
The latest to companies mentioned are right now working to identify the right partner in USA and The Netherlands:
Sales agent / distributor for BAWAT in the Netherlands / BeNeLux
Sales Agent / Distributor for WENCON in the USA

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