MARPRO AAA Rated by Bisnode

MARPRO has receved the recognised status as AAA rated for highest credit worthiness by Bisnode.
The Bisnode AAA certification is a prestigious independent certification of companies with a history back to 1908. 
Managing Director Jakob le Fevre comments: "The business world is volatile, especially now, due to the covid-19 situation. We are very proud to receive this recognition by a reputable rating provider like Bisnode. This is a clear signal to our clients that we fulfill our financial obligations and that we are a strong and solid business partner".
AAA – the highest rating a company can get. A company with an exceedingly strong abillity to meet current payment obligations.
Certification requirements:
  • Legal person.
  • The company is not in bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • The company has no obligations which are more than 30 days past due.
  • Published financial statement not older than 22 months, with proven profit.
  • The scoring of the company is AAA–A.
  • The company’s equity is equal or higher than the registered capital.
  • Equity return of at least 20–25 %, or profit margin of at least 3–5 %.
  • The company has been in business for at least 10 years, or for 4 years if the registered capital exceeds of 1 million Euro. 
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