Introduction to Sargasso

SARGASSO is an open maritime innovation and collaboration platform connecting your challenge or idea with the right brains to reach solutions, partnership and business.

SMTF (Svensk Marinteknisk Forum)  is home to a network of 100 member-companies active in the field of maritime technology. Through our financiers and collaboration partners SARGASSO is connected to expertise and test beds beyond the maritime industry in various sectors ranging from IT, agriculture, industrial production, packaging to new materials, to name a few.

Do you have a Pitch for the platform? Our members get prior access to your proposal before we send it out to our wider network – nationally and internationally. You set the level of transparency of your proposal and we bring back the response from our community.

Friends of SARGASSO receive proposals released to the wider network. All sectors are welcome – we like diversity.
Current Proposals examples: 
Some of the proposals on the SARGASSO platform have high confidentiality and will require a personal request for more information.

RFD - Request for Development
These guys are looking for project partners!
New! Marine Remote Survey and Model Rendering
Organization: Nondisclosed (limited company)
Using remote operated drones to render models to analyze marine structure, detect failures and damages and contribute to life cycle maintenance.
Deadline 2019/04/19.

New! Drivetrain Small & Medium sized Vessels

Organization: Nondisclosed
The organization is looking for cooperation in the development of an electric drivetrain for a ship with the energy need of about 400 – 1000 kW. The work will be in the form of a development project. The organization will deliver parts of the system and are investigating the possibility to find collaboration partners in the following areas;
• Control system for VFD (Variable frequency drive) and battery charges
• Interface between VFD control system and vessel main control system
Deadline 2019/04/12.
RFP – Request for Proposal
These guys are looking for a solution!

Alternative power system for Sublift boat hoist
Organization: Swede Ship Sublift AB
Today’s Sublifts is powered by an industrial diesel engine and the power transfer is
hydraulic. Swede Ship Sublift AB whish to get proposal on how to electrify the drivetrain with
Deadline 2019/04/12.
SARGASSO Innovation Day
When: May 17
Location: Garveriet in Floda, Gothenburg, Sweden

Join us for an interactive day on the topic of innovation from the perspectives of:
Leadership, strategic and operational measures, and practical tools for development. Bring your biggest challenges, best ideas and an open mind for collaboration and business.

Participant fee SEK 1500 ex. VAT. The seminar is free of charge for members of SMTF.

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