Hunting fuel savings
Another desktop trial in 'Just-In-Time' (JIT) ship operations has yielded positive results, showing emissions can be cut considerably.
Hidden figures
Ensuring diversity in the workplace is important, both to the working environment and bottom line. Read the article and get 10 recommendations for the industry regarding women in shipping.
Students make magic happen
The students at KTH have done their part of the project – to build an Oceanbird model that sails with wind as primary energy source.
Maritime data into maritime value
There are many obstacles to progress, digitalisation at sea is no exception. But by maximising value, minimising cost and keeping complexity at bay, system designers can help shipowners to make sure these obstacles are speedbumps, not roadblocks.
UK the forefront of shipping innovation
The UK will continue to be at the forefront of shipping innovation as the Maritime and Coastguard Agency builds on the success of a million-pound project which has just concluded.
Grabbed the bull by the horns during lockdown
DeltaTek launches two industry leading technologies during Lockdown. Designed to accompany their SeaCure service, they introduce you to CureCatcher and SurgeCure technology.
Digitalisation is still human
The human factor is widely recognized as an essential component to digital transformation success. The study goes on to identify poor change management as one of the key reasons digital transformation projects fail.
How good is your organization at attracting women?
We interviewed several key leaders in the maritime industry and an alarming 48% of the respondents mentioned they know someone at work who was not taken seriously due to their gender.
The decarbonisation puzzle
The shipping industry has been set on an inexorable path to compliance that will see it reducing its carbon intensity by 40% before 2030 and 70% in 2050.
Women in bunkering are a game changer
Female leadership should be a priority for maritime businesses - particularly in the bunker industry - where women make up just nine per cent of senior positions.
Reimagine transportation
The transition to autonomy, says Pia Meling, is a ‘means rather than an end’, helping society tackle a pressing problem, while enhancing both the commercial and environmental sustainability of shipping.
New Marine Innovation Programme
The UK Hydrographic Office has launched a new innovation programme to help start-ups and innovators develop new solutions that support safe, secure and thriving oceans
New digital portal allows transparency for Rivertrace's network
Market leading developers of smart water quality monitoring technology, Rivertrace Limited have established a new, web-based calibration portal.
Tanker markets feel the strain of ‘very uncertain year’
Increasing port delays in Asia, US and Europe will provide only limited support and MSI predicts rates will fall further in Q3
Hapag-Lloyd improves their services with Intelligent Cargo Systems
Intelligent Cargo Systems and German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd, have today announced they are entering into a technology partnership.
Softship's Pricing Calculator provides full cost transparency
Software solutions provider Softship has launched an innovative, web-based Pricing Calculator that allows supply chain managers and operators to identify and select optimum end-to-end multi-modal solutions
Proactive use of VDR data
The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has today published a revised edition of the information paper Recommendations on the Proactive Use of Voyage Data Recorder Information.
This could change life at sea
Elon Musk wants to make satellite Internet as fast as the one at home.
Digitalization of shipping – more important than ever
Digitalization, big data, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are key in enabling the post-COVID recovery, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim told a a webinar.
Denmark keeps its fifth place
The Danish merchant fleet is still the fifth largest in the world. The total tonnage operated by Danish shipping companies is at the same level as last year.
New market for low carbon fuels
A new study from marine and energy consultancy BLUE Insight reveals race to gain first mover advantage in estimated $1.4 trillion low carbon shipping market has already begun.
London retains lead position in maritime services
The report highlights that London – “a sophisticated shipping service industry cluster” – retains its leading role in maritime services, having climbed up to the second place overall.
Participate - Covid-19 impact survey
An industry-wide survey calling on seafarers and shore-staff to share their Covid-19 workforce insights has been launched by Lloyd’s Register and marine industry partners .
Study on social aspects within the maritime transport
Social aspects of shipping a crucial foundation for a strong, competitive and sustainable European shipping industry.
Containership markets plot uncertain course to recovery
New HORIZON Monthly report shows freight rates remain high, blanked sailings have hit charter markets and coming quarters continue to hold risk.
Suez Canal transit rise, despite Covid-19
Transits through the Suez Canal, the beating heart of the Egyptian economy, have stayed remarkably resilient to the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic if judging by total transits of the three commercial shipping sectors which are up 8% year-on-year.
Day of the Seafarer 2020: Let them go home
Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, seafarers around the world have been facing difficulties in being replaced by other crew and getting repatriated. Specifically for Europe, the very limited capacity to issue visas to enter the Schengen area.
Oil and gas industry’s oil field equipment supply sector under threat
The triple shock of COVID-19 and the subsequent collapse of energy demand and oil prices have put the future of the oil and gas industry’s oil field equipment supply sector under threat.
Severe economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on European shipping
Survey results show that important segments of the European shipping industry are heavily impacted, and European or national measures are not always available in all member states to alleviate the situation.
Survey on the New Normal in the maritime industry
Maritime Partners is carrying out research on the Crisis with the objective to help companies with defining and executing the best possible preparation for the New Normal.
The collapse of the oil and bunker fuel markets in early 2020
The sulphur regulation from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that came into force on 1 January 2020 took the centre stage in the shipping industry at outset of the new decade.
Ships that call EU ports must have a certified IHM on board
From 31 December 2020 on, ships of 500 GT and above, that are flying the flag of an EU Member state or visiting EU ports or anchorage, will have to prepare an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).
Why should you pay any attention to spot container freight rates
Despite lower volumes being fixed in the spot market, it is key to tracking developments in the container shipping market, as it quickly responds to the changing situation and adjustments to demand and supply.
Alcohol Based hand-sanitiser warning
The UK Chamber of Shipping received the safety alert below from the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP).
Three out of five converted VLOCs are no longer operating
Converted Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC) are increasingly becoming a thing of the past with the long-term freight contracts coming to an end as newer and more reliable ships replace them in the market.
All ships in port to sound their horns on 1 May
Calling all companies, shipowners, managers, port operators and any relevant national stakeholder to encourage ships captains to sound their horns when in port at 12h00 local time on 1 May 2020.
OPEC+ production cuts will end profitable crude oil tanker journeys
Members of OPEC and allies (OPEC+), agreed to a historic production cut of 9.7 million barrels of crude oil per day (m/bpd) to reduce the massive production overhang and set a price floor to limit the fall in oil prices.
Brokers should consider ship valuation wordings due to Coronavirus, says ITIC
During these unprecedented times, the International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) recommends that brokers should consider stressing the current unusual market conditions in their ship valuation certificates.
ICS Issues New Guidance on Managing Ship and Seafarer Certificates during the Coronavirus Pandemic
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued important guidance to support the shipping industry during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Pandemic masks true picture of sulphur 2020 compliance
It will be difficult to ascertain a full picture of how well the international shipping industry is complying with the new sulphur 2020 environmental legislation and judge the effectiveness of enforcement measures until after the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Mission to Seafarers urges industry to recognise seafarers as international key workers
The Mission unites with maritime organisations and charities to campaign for seafarers’ welfare at a time of significant difficulty.
This article article covers some of the recent trends taking place in the shipping market. You will see how the world major shippers change their approach to freight procurement, and how the brokers adapt to this change.
Interested in becoming a cruise ship owner?
This is an opportunity to own a great little Boutique Cruise Ship Lying Mexico / Sea of Cortez, she is Registered with COI under Mexican Coast Guard regulations, the ship was originally purpose built in USA for river and coastal Cruises.
BIMCO to offer insight on coronavirus impact on shipping markets
Amid massive market uncertainty, BIMCO has analysed the potential implications of a pandemic for the commercial shipping markets and Chief Shipping Analyst, Peter Sand, will deliver the insights in a string of webinars in the coming weeks.
International organizations support seafarers during COVID-19
The IMO issued a video statement from Secretary-General Kitack Lim stressing the vital need to maintain commerce by sea and protect seafarers’ welfare in face of coronavirus.
Joint letter by ECSA and ETF to the Council on urgent regulatory measures
The shipping industry urgently needs special regulatory measures and actions to prevent a total collapse of seaborne trade to and from the EU
New Coronavirus guidance for shipping industry
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued brand new guidance for the global shipping industry to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Capesize remains submerged in the depths of despair
While the Capesize segment has been massively impacted by the coronavirus, the smaller dry bulk segments are starting to recover towards profitable territory, partly on the back of seasonally higher grain exports from South America.
The new BIMCO Bulletin magazine is out (March issue)
Get the latest insight and interviews in the March edition of the Bulletin.
Shipping should shrug off Coronavirus but escalation risks supply chain contagion
The impact of the Coronavirus on shipping is being experienced differently across the sectors, says Dr Adam Kent, Managing Director, MSI
Invitation to join free BIMCO seminars
Each webinar session will last around 30 minutes. The session begins with a quick view on the relevant macroeconomic factors followed by a dive into key market developments. Each session will be followed by a short Q&A session.
Top 10 Maritime Startups to Watch in 2020
The maritime industry brings solutions through regulation and not innovation. The industry is traditional and reluctant to embrace change. It is, however, more complex than that.
Introducing daily container freight index
Baltic Exchange and Freightos Group Unleash Shipping Market Visibility With First Daily Container Freight Index.
Less satisfaction overall, latest seafarers report shows
The latest Seafarers Happiness Index report has revealed that seafarer happiness continues to fluctuate – with improvements in connectivity at sea, but also continuing concerns regarding workload among the issues raised by seafarers.
The Danish maritime business employs nearly 100.000
A new report from the Danish Maritime Authority reveals interesting key figures from the Danish maritime business.
China’s thirst for crude oil pushes Brazil’s December exports to all-time high
Brazilian crude oil exports hit a record high in December 2019 with a total 8.7 million tonnes of crude oil exported, as China continues to turn to Brazil for crude. Annual export volumes grew by 5% compared to 2018.
Danish Shipping want more women on board
Danish Shipping presents a new initiative aimed at increasing the share of women in Danish shipping companies. Today, the first shipping companies sign a charter that obliges them to actively focus on gender equality.
Now: Additional BAF increases
Maersk appears to be the first container carrier to announce additional BAF increases triggered by the sharp increases in costs for low Sulphur fuel.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Unmanned Ships
Read this inspiring and informative article about Unmanned and autonomous ships, written by Linh Dinh from Nautix Tec.
Low-sulphur fuel sale jumps as 2020 sulphur cap kicks in
The final quarter of 2019 marked a massive decline of HSFO sales, as the industry transitioned into compliance of the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap (IMO2020).
Here is your chance to win 850£
Enter the European Commercial Marine Young Person’s Development Award and win £850
Tanker Shipping Outlook by BIMCO
World growth and trade volumes under pressure, but still positive. A continued slowdown in global growth, as well as a lower trade multiplier will reduce overall demand for shipping for the rest of this year and through 2020.
Drybulk shipping outlook by BIMCO
Freight rates down from multi-year highs as the market fundamentals make themselves felt. The fundamental balance in the market has worsened in 2019 with supply growth outstripping demand, and BIMCO expects that this will continue into 2020.
More than a quarter of seafarers suffer from depression
Long contracts at sea, thousands of miles away from families and friends – often with inconsistent or no Wi-Fi – can be incredibly isolating and challenging.
IMO2020: Market uncertainty brings more fuel oil price volatility
The oil market has recently been shaken up by geopolitical events, but volatility in the price difference between low and high sulphur fuel cannot be explained by that alone – the uncertainty is the chaos factor.
Salary levels in the maritime industry in UK
Shore-based recruitment specialists, Marine Resources, have conducted a national Salary Survey in partnership with British Marine and Maritime UK.
ITIC reminds agents to beware of bankruptcies
ITIC , the International Transport Intermediaries Club, is seeing an increasing number of ship agents becoming exposed to the fall-out from the bankruptcy of their principal.
Notice to all sailing crew - please keep an eye open
14 crew members left ship, activated life rafts. Only a week's search, 3 crew members rescued, 3 crew members found dead. NO ONE is looking for the remaining crew.
Tanker deliveries are soaring as demolitions hit decade-lows
Delivered tonnage of crude oil tankers have grown by +37%, whereas total fleet demolitions for 2019 have slumped to the lowest in a decade with a reduction of 52% from the year before.
First Washington State Maritime Accelerator, now accepting applications
Maritime Blue, the Port of Seattle and WeWork Labs Launch First Washington State Maritime Accelerator, Now Accepting Applications for January 2020 Start Date.
BIMCO launches interactive graphs showing bunker fuel spreads
BIMCO has developed a monitoring service for bunker prices, with data provided by MABUX, which is now available to all BIMCO members.
Get onboard with digitalization to reap the benefits
The digital transformation train is leaving the station and maritime companies need to get onboard now or risk missing the trip!
Successful trial of blockchain and DNA-based marine fuels tracking solution
Ground-breaking trial paves way for more transparency and traceability in the marine fuels supply chain.
Nations must enforce IMO 2020 sulphur regulations
The World Shipping Council, BIMCO, the Cruise Lines International Association, and the International Parcel Tankers Association calls on International Maritime Organization member states to fully implement the new global marine fuel sulphur cap
Goodbye big ships. Hello profitability.
An interesting article by Kris Kosmala, Strategy for Business and IT, Technology Innovation (AI & optimization), Business Digital Transformation
Steps to grow UK's $6bn maritime businesses
A new report commissioned by trade promotion body Maritime London has set out 36 detailed recommendations to grow the UK's $6bn - ¬marine insurance, ship broking, legal, finance and classification industries.
Why maritime companies should now start smart with their data
In the data infographic, released by Shipbuilder today, you can discover the most notable advantages of switching to data-driven operations for maritime companies.
Record high seaborne US crude oil exports in June 2019
The highest US crude oil exports to China in 11 months lifted total seaborne US crude oil exports to a record high at 11.9 million (m) tonnes in June 2019.
EGCSA launches global database to eliminate uncertainty around the operation of exhaust gas cleaning
With just 5 months until the entry into force of a global marine fuel sulphur cap of 0.50%, the number of ships fitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) by 1 January 2020 is set to be around 4,000.
Meet BIMCO’S Chief Shipping Analyst at JOC Container Trade Europe in Hamburg
Join Peter Sand at the JOC Container Trade Europe conference in Hamburg, Germany on the 17th of September.
Clean Arctic Alliance calls on Nordic Prime Ministers to support a ban on heavy fuel oil
Lead Advisor, Dr Sian Prior and Árni Finnsson from the Iceland Nature Conservation Association are calling on the Nordic Prime Ministers and the German Federal Chancellor to support the call for a ban on heavy fuel oil in the Arctic.
Download free sulphur marine fuel guide
A number of shipping, refining, fuel supply and standards organisations have worked together to produce Joint Industry Guidance on the supply and use of 0.50% - sulphur marine fuel.
Seafarers working on cruise ships and ferries among the unhappiest
Seafarer happiness levels across tanker, bulk carriers and container ship sectors close to global average this quarter.
MSI studies the implications of radical decarbonisation for the shipping industry
Consultancy highlights that those in the industry who believe commitments to cut carbon emissions will be achieved need to prepare for radical transition.
Singapore retains top spot as international shipping centre
Singapore has topped the 2019 Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development (ISCD) Index for the sixth year running.
RhumbFleet introduces a new evaluation tool for merchant vessels
Rhumbfleet – a place to find information about any merchant vessel and share impressions from a contract on board a ship. A Unique project – that can help all seafarers over the world.
Sponsorship for 18 year old wheel chair tennis talent
The 18 years old daughter of Edwin Jansen, Operations Manager for Serromah Shipping in The Netherlands, have reached ITF world ranking top 30 and are heading for The Paralympics.
Empowering women in the maritime community
Over 350 participants from more than 70 countries around the globe gathered at the World Maritime University (WMU) for the WMU Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Conference.
Six Months' Countdown to the 'Global Sulphur Cap'
With six months to go until the implementation of the 'Global Sulphur Cap' the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued updated guidance to help shipowners comply with new regulations.
IMO: the chance of postponing 1 January 2020 deadline is zero
“The chance is really zero. Procedurally, there is no mechanism that would allow the 0.50% regulation, as it stands right now, to change from 1 January 2020,” says Kenney at the IMO’s headquarters in London.
BIMCO Shipping Market Reports JUNE 2019
The slowing growth in advanced economies will especially harm global trade. According to the IMF, growth in advanced economies is projected to slow from 2.2% in 2018 to 1.8% in 2019 and 1.7% in 2020.
Capesize ships pose a threat to the already fragile market balance
Demolition of dry bulk ships in the first four months of 2019 was 120% higher than in the same period of 2018. Much of this increase comes from demolitions of Capesize ships.
Singapore still on top
The Leading Maritime Capitals report for 2019 is out, with fresh insight on which maritime metropolises provide the best support for companies in shipping and related services.
Microsoft joins tech race to clean up shipping with Big Data
M12, Microsoft venture arm, has announced a $11 million Series A funding round for Nautilus Labs, a New York startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for fuel efficiency on ships.
Introduction to Sargasso
SARGASSO is an open maritime innovation and collaboration platform connecting your challenge or idea with the right brains to reach solutions, partnership and business.
10th Maritime Employee Survey reveal decreasing confidence in shipping industry job security
Over half of shore-based maritime employees are actively looking to change jobs and nearly two thirds are worried about job security.
U.S. Coast Guard Addresses Female Retention Gap
The U.S. Coast Guard has published the results of a wide-scale Rand Corporation study on female servicemembers' retention, and it intends to institute a range of personnel policy changes in response to the findings.
Obesity, mental ill health and gender discrimination among seafarers on the up
Several female respondents also reported incidents around gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment at sea. Last year’s index had the highest number of female participants to date.
Authors of Energy Transition Outlook make its dataset freely available
The authors of the Energy Transition Outlook have made available for free the large forecast data set. DNV GL is encouraging stakeholders in the energy supply chain to use the information to develop their future strategic options.
Brazilian soya bean lifts Panamax and Supramax bulker freight rates
Brazilian soya bean exports are up 85.2% in the first two months of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018. This comes on the back of record high exports in 2018 of 83.6 million tonnes, a 22.7% increase from 2017.
WISTA launch pledge for inclusion of women in the maritime industry
The Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) is proud to launch its inclusion pledge. The pledge addresses the underrepresentation of women in the maritime industry.
Smart Maritime Council to drive collaboration among technology providers
New industry body to explore issues of collaboration, interoperability and standardisation in the application of technology in the shipping and logistics sector.
Trade war cease-fire is good news for the dry bulk sector
Following an almost total halt in exports of soya beans to China in the last quarter of 2018, the new year has brought new hopes for American farmers and the dry bulk shipping sector.
US container imports break records but uncertainty lies ahead
Container imports on both the US East Coast (USEC) and West Coast (USWC) had a strong year in 2018, growing 3.7% and 8% respectively in the first 11 months of the year compared to the same period in 2017.
Transport in 2040: How automation and technology will impact the future of work
On 15 January the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the World Maritime University (WMU) launched a flagship report entitled: “Transport 2040: Automation Technology Employment - the Future of Work”.
Only two Panamax bulkers demolished in 2018
2018 has been a slow year for dry bulk demolitions, with only 4.2 million DWT scrapped (as of 17 December), down 71.6% compared to last year.
The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy
This guide will explain how to get started with astronomy. We’ll cover practical issues like basic equipment and potential stargazing locations, along with ideas for activities.
Trade war leading to headwinds for the fragile dry bulk recovery
“The weaknesses in Panamax and Supramax earnings in recent weeks is likely to be linked to the lower demand for seaborne transportation of US soya bean exports as compared to previous seasons”
BIMCO Oil Tanker and Dry Bulk shipping market outlook No.4
Tanker Shipping: Winter is coming, random shocks can be powerful – but only fundamental improvements last. Dry Bulk Shipping: BDI weakness in Q4, as the trade war limits demand growth and demolitions stall.
BIMCO on CNBC Worldwide Exchange, Oil and Iran sanctions
Peter Sand, BIMCO Chief Shipping Analyst, discusses the new U.S. sanctions on Iran, and what that will mean for the global energy market.
Fulfilling Africa's Maritime Trade Potential
Africa currently has minimal integration in world trade, but this is an enormous opportunity for the world’s youngest and second-most populous continent, states UNCTAD's newly-released Review of Maritime Transport 2018.
When the Ice Melts, What Will Happen to Arctic Tourism?
Blog post by Mia Bennett
Free download of Review of Maritime Transport 2018 by United Nations
UNCTAD’s Review of Maritime Transport 2018 identifies seven key trends that are currently redefining the maritime transport landscape and shaping the sector’s outlook.
Watch: Interview: Peter Sand, BIMCO
Video Interview: Peter Sand talks to Alex Younevitch about the container market and the challenges that it is facing from the escalating US-China trade war, the upcoming IMO 2020 regulation, and tonnage oversupply.
Shipping is increasingly caught in the trade war line of crossfire
Once again, the already long list of tariffed goods has been made even longer. Many more commodities were hit on 23 August, but September is likely to dwarf it all, as the US has proposed slamming tariffs on goods worth USD 200 billion.
BIMCO Shipping Market Outlook
BIMCO Shipping Market Outlook for Container and Dry Bulk Shipping September 2018.
Brussels is a bigger threat to an orderly Brexit than London
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, EU citizens would be right in asking why the EC did not show more willingness to reach an agreement, the CEO of UK Chamber of Shipoing writes in this article for City AM
China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative
The implementation of a Chinese Maritime Silk Road via the Mediterranean cannot succeed unless there is a way to bridge the gap between economic interests and the capacity to protect those interests.
A historically bad crude oil tanker market struggles to find solid support
Crude oil tanker earnings have since records began, never been this bad. Loss-making levels for an industry which needs a much-improved fundamental market balance to lift freight rates above break-even levels into profitable territory.
Connectivity now fundamental to seafarer happiness.
The Mission to Seafarers today published the latest of its ongoing Seafarer Happiness Index reports, which revealed a growing link between onboard connectivity and seafarer happiness levels.
Survey on Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness
The international team of researchers in the "Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training" (GECAMET) study invites you to fill a questionnaire.
Think like hackers, act like engineers
Industry needs to ‘think like hackers, act like engineers’ says leading cyber expert ahead of major industry conference.
A new pace of construction at the Turku shipyard
A month after the successful delivery of New Mein Schiff 1, the next ship in line, New Mein Schiff 2, has been today floated out at Meyer Turku shipyard.
BIMCO June 2018 Market Outlook
A mixed bag in the container shipping market. Recovery still on track for 2018 in dry bulk - 2019/2020 looks less promising.
Soya bean trade lanes may change due to the ongoing trade war
The shipping of soya beans from the US to China is one of the most significant ‘one commodity’ cargoes that may become affected by the trade war between the US and China.
China Starts Trading in Crude Futures
The Shanghai International Energy Exchange launched trading of yuan-denominated crude oil futures contracts on Monday.
US seaborne exports of oil products at an all-time high
Following a seasonal surge in December 2017, the US seaborne export of oil products (materials derived from crude oil) reached the highest annual level ever, in terms of volume and tonne miles demand.
Seafarers’ Awards will honour outstanding contributions to seafarer welfare
The Awards will be presented at the upcoming Seafarers' Awards Dinner, which will take place on 11 May 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel, Middle Street, Singapore.
Collaboration in the Shipping Industry: Innovation and Technology
We are seeing news of digitalisation in the maritime industry across the world. Traditional shipping companies have paired up with technology companies, and the result of these partnerships are innovative and transformative.
Danish Mariners riding against cancer 2018 from Montreal to Quebec
Funds raised through The Ride are put to use immediately to attract and retain world-leading doctors, scientists and researchers to implement the most promising cancer research programs and treatments.
Hot Water Thrown on Pirates
An attack by suspected Abu Sayyaf pirates was thwarted on Friday after boiling water mixed with oil was poured on the men as they tried to board the vessel.
China breaks new ground… again
Chinese seaborne imports of iron ore, coal and crude oil have all grown strongly throughout 2017. Both seaborne imports of crude oil and iron ore have reached the highest levels ever recorded, while coal reached the highest level in three years.
Stowaway Bird Gets its Own Cruise Ship Cabin
A stowaway galah, a type of Australian cockatoo, has enjoyed a luxury cruise around New Zealand after biosecurity officials allowed it to stay on the vessel.
Five Global Shipping Trends to Watch in 2018
Overall, 2017 was a good year for the ocean shipping industry. Operating margins for most carriers improved, driven by robust demand, positive inventory developments and higher rate levels. Will the positive recovery continue?
 The most important agenda for the shipping community in 2018
Hear what Angus Frew, #BIMCO CEO & Secretary General, sees as the most important agenda for the shipping community in 2018.
Will the dry bulk industry become profitable in 2018?
It looks like 2018 will be a year that shipowners should take advantage of, as the dry bulk fleet is likely to grow at the slowest pace seen since 1999, and BIMCO sees global demand growth outstripping supply growth in 2018.
US crude oil exports now more important to shipping than US oil product exports
The United States (US) government lifted their restrictive policy on crude oil exports in December 2015.
Good housekeeping essential to keep a vessel ship-shape
The American Club launches free pocket guide to maintaining a safe working environment on board
Call for United Front on Cargo Safety
Four industry organisations representing different sectors of the supply chain have been drawing attention, in particular, to the responsibilities of container owners and operators.
BIMCO November Shipping Market Overview & Outlook 2017
Dry bulk shipping: Take good care of the recovery. Tanker shipping: Q4 only delivers temporary upside as overcapacity remains an issue. Free download of full report.
Seafarers UK calls for corporate teams to take on the 24 Peaks Challenge
The UK maritime industry’s most rewarding team-building event is on 7-8 July 2018, when up to 30 teams of trekkers will take on Seafarers UK’s 24 Peaks Challenge.
Suicidal thoughts – a seafarer's story
The BBC have made a short film, highlighting one seafarer's struggle with mental health issues at sea.
Sailors’ Society offers free Wellness at Sea training to eLearning site testers
Maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society is calling for 200 seafaring volunteers to test the pilot version of their online Wellness at Sea coaching programme.
Navigating Change - A Review of the UK Maritime Welfare Charity Sector
Two-day ‘Supporting Seafarers’ conference to coincide with launch of ten-year research report
See Faststreams leadership employment report
Faststream have kindly allowed MARPRO to share the full thought provoking report with our audience.
To sea or not to sea
UK Chamber of Shipping have launched a new, broadcast quality advert as part of the Careers At Sea campaign.
The 9th annual Maritime Employee Survey is launched today by leading maritime recruitment specialists Halcyon Recruitment and online training provider Coracle Online.
Shipping Industry Outlook - Sept. 11. 2017
This is a shipping industry outlook webinar, hosted by Andrew Mina, Assistant Manager, Training and presented by Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO.
We have seen too many accidents with lifeboats resulting in fatalities and injuries. This pamphlet provides the master and crew with solid, experience-based advice on the use of fall preventer devices (FPDs) during lifeboat operations.
See hurricane Harvey from above
Although the pictures of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on Earth leave little to the imagination, seeing it from space confirms the enormous power the hurricane had.
A useful guide to the various types of dry cargo and tanker ships operated around the globe
Listen to the BBC's radio programme on shipping and seafarer mental health
The UK Chamber of Shipping's communications manager, Holly Birkett (pictured above), joined broadcaster Dan Damon and guests from across the shipping industry for an hour-long programme on the BBC World Service on Friday.
Seafarer survey regarding mental health
Safety at Sea magazine wants to hear from you, the seafarer, about the most important issues impacting crew today.
Live webcast Total Eclipse
Nasa prepares for August 21 Solar Eclipse with live stream
Speed record set for reaching the North Pole
A new speed record for reaching the North Pole has been set by Russia's nuclear icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy, making the journey from Murmansk to the North Pole in just 79 hours.
Former Prime Minister Paul Martin Awarded Third Annual Samuel Cunard Prize
Former Prime Minister Paul Martin Awarded Third Annual Samuel Cunard Prize for Vision, Courage and Creativity
International Chamber of Shipping Publishes Annual Review for 2017
The 2017 ICS Annual Review is intended as a comprehensive overview of all the major issues faced by the global shipping industry, and in which ICS is engaged on behalf of its member national shipowners’ associations.
Rough waters or calm seas for shipping consultants?
Some would say that not so very long ago, shipping consultants had it easy. In many ways, they had a clear playing field and a warm audience of solution-hungry owners and operators.
European Commission about to fund 10 new blue growth projects
The European Commission has selected six 'blue career' and four 'blue labs' projects for funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).
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NEVA 2021
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