Europort is not just for the things that float

The Netherlands is world renowned for its professional divers. All over the globe Dutch diving companies have teams of people at work in the most dangerous of locations, operating at great depths in offshore, salvage and ship repair, maintenance and inspection capacities.

Technology has been a driving force in this market with diving materials, tools, communication devices, ROV’s and many other products propelling safer, faster and more efficient ways of working under the surface of the ocean. Europort has long been a gathering place for companies that work under pressure and among inspection companies, divers and salvagers a demand for new products has been high.

UnderWater Works Pavilion
Europort always wants to help companies to find out about new innovations. Thus a brand new option has been added to the menu at Europort, in the shape of a special 'Underwater Works Pavilion’.

This new addition provides a special area for visitors to focus on the sometimes dangerous and always challenging tasks undertaken by diving, inspection and salvage companies, plus the service providers, manufacturers, designers and materials suppliers supporting these high pressure activities.

As well as sharpening focus on the tools used for cutting, welding and other manual labor processes, Europort 2019 will also offer visitors the chance to update themselves on the drones, ROVs and digital technology that are redefining this highly-skilled sector.

Join this fresh new initiative
Now is the time to sign up for participation in this unique platform. The special pavilion features its own large dive tank so that exhibitors can do product demonstrations in its natural environment. The Underwater Works Pavilion at Europort 2019, features ready to use stands that come fully outfitted and grant participants use of the dive tank the pavilion is built around.

You can download the special participation form here or contact one of the account managers via + 31 10 293 3218.

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