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MARPRO is growing day by day. The portal is now a recognized maritime media with more than 20.000 visits per day and almost 5.000 registered users. MARPRO Search & Selection is gaining momentum and we have just finalized 3 placements for profiles with a background as navigator.
During the last months we have compiledsome good advice for you, in case you want to be offered interesting jobs and proceed with your career:
• I don´t want job offers – I am completely happy with my job. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. With very few exceptions, all people are open to a new job, depending on conditions. Naturally, you can´t show obvious signs that you are open for new jobs if you are happy with the one you have – but a Linkedin profile updated to best practice will not reveal anything.
• I can´t be stressed out enough, ensure that your picture on LinkedIn is business professional and in good quality. Recruiters are humans too and a picture says more than 1.000 words.
• If you are available for a new job, include this in your headline on LinkedIn.
• Make sure that your profile industry is for the industry you want a job in – not necessarily the industry you work in now.
• Include relevant search tags in your summary text. If you are an experienced sales professional, include e.g. business development, sales, marketing, key account management etc.
• Update Linkedin to act like your CV. You should always have an updated CV at hand in PDF, but your LinkedIn profiles is most probably the first place you will be short listed.
• If you receive an inmail with a relevant opportunyt, don´t decline, even you are not interested. Just reply with a quick note: I am not interested in this, but keep sending relevant options, accept the inmail – and link to the recruiter.
• Always include a 1 page cover letter where you point out why you are the perfect candidate for this job.
• Expand your network – every day. The days where you only connected with the people you know is long gone. You never know who will be able to help you in the future and there is a hidden advantage in a large network. You see, if I am not connected to you, I will need to use an inmail to contact you. I have a limited number available every month and if I need more, I will need to buy them at approx. 8 $ per mail. If we are connected, I can propose a position to you for free. Meaning that there is a higher change to receive job offers if you are connected to me.
• Recruiters typically have large networks. I have worked strategically with mine since 2005 and have around 13.000 connections. If you link to me, you will instantly have 13.000 relevant profiles from our industry – the maritime – in 2nd. What does this mean? Well, it means that you can connect to all these people without knowing the email.
• Connect you LinkedIn account with an e-mail that you use regularly. It is really a shame to find out that you were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity only to realize that deadline for applications has passed.
Do you have additional advice? Please post them in the comments.
You are very welcome to link to me:
Jakob le Fevre


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