Digitalisation and Collaboration on the agenda at the Maritime CIO Forum in London on 21 June

Digitalisation is re-shaping the business world and is increasingly important for competitive edge. Transformational concepts, together with the evolution and development of new platforms, are providing unparalleled opportunities within maritime and the related shipping and supply chain infrastructure.

If Industry 4.0 is to be truly realised, then shipping must embrace a new approach to the traditional supply chain. Moving a container from A to B involves, on average, 30 different actors and 200+ interactions - delivery of goods has never been more transparent, nor more complex. So, what can digitalisation do to streamline and integrate shipping with the broader supply chain?

Join us in London on 21 June to investigate how we can measure the impact of digital business and harness the benefits of new technologies to improve performance - from ship to shore to delivery.

Across four key sessions we will discuss how we can identify the real digital opportunity in front of us and re-define digitalisation in maritime and transport. How can we better drive the business improvements these technologies represent?

Register online today - FREE for Registrants involved directly in working for a ship operator (owner, manager, builder or forwarder/logistics)
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