Covid-19 driven paradigm shift in the maritime business world

MARPRO has published a new e-book, that you can download free of charge. The e-book contains our perception of the situation during and after the Covid-19 crisis. The e-book is very relevant for all executives operating in the maritime business, especially sales, marketing and HR profiles. 
From the e-book 

"With reference to the pandemic Covid-19 situation, most companies will need to adjust the strategy to the new times in the short term, in order to survive and get through the crisis. However, it is not only about surviving short term through the crisis, because we strongly believe that some things will change for good.

With this inspirational input, our target is to share our view on the situation and give our input to the right strategy regarding our core competencies marketing and recruitment, to not only survive through the crisis, but to adjust the strategy to fit into a new way of doing things. Our input is based on the sector we operate within, the maritime sector and while some of the content is generic, other parts would only apply to our sector."

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