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Choose your recruitment partner with care

In Denmark we live in a knowledge-based society, hence the level salary is high. In a company, every employee makes a difference for the firm’s top and bottom line. Employing the right people is therefore, the most important decision for your organization.

When a company seeks assistance for a hiring process, it can be motivated by several factors. The larger companies do it to strengthen the search and to achieve direct contact with potential candidates e.g. in competing companies, where it could provoke some noise if they grabbed the phone themselves. The larger companies usually have a well-functioning HR department, which is up to date with GDPR, have their own recruitment system and are experienced with the employment law that must be applied.

Executive Search

The recruitment companies often market themselves as specialists in Executive Search. Their prices are established according to the market, encountering prices corresponding to the candidates 2-3 months’ salary.

Smaller companies do it often themselves

The landscape is different with smaller companies, as they often do not have the finances or will even prioritize the capital to make use of an Executive Search company. The smaller companies try to solve the task on their own, but since they do not have the experience of hiring regularly, the process is not in compliance with the GDPR regulations. Candidates do not get answers when they apply or even a rejection when they are rejected. Their strategy is to upload a job advertisement and hope that someone bites the hook. The interview process is often unstructured, and the company may lack important information about e.g. the salary level on the market. Companies can also put themselves in bad bargaining positions, where they are pushed to a higher salary than intended. Not to mention, a job advertisement is often only seen by active job seekers, hence this strategy does not always bring the best candidates at stake, since they already have a job.

Smaller general recruitment companies

An alternative is to use one of the many small 1-2-person recruitment agencies, which are located locally, where you know the agent and the price is affordable. This alternative is better than companies managing the recruitment process themselves, but these recruitment agencies are limited by being generalists and by their geographical limitation.

Overseas recruitment companies

In the maritime industry, specifically from English speaking countries, there is a few maritime recruitment companies who for many years, have benefited from moving maritime candidates around in Europe, being exclusive in the market. These companies do not have local knowledge, they do not speak the candidates’ mother language and they do not know them personally.


To summarize, until 2017, recruitment in the maritime industry in Denmark consisted of these four options:

  1. Larger generalist recruitment companies, such as e.g. Mercury Urval, Amrop or SAM Headhunting
  2. Smaller local generalist recruitment companies
  3. Companies which did the recruitment process themselves.
  4. Foreign recruitment companies

A Danish recruitment company with focus on the maritime industry

In 2017, we founded MARPRO, based on the thesis that there is a need for a local based maritime recruitment company, which is globally oriented. Prices are slightly above the local generalists’ recruitment companies but far below the bigger generalists’ recruitment companies. We learned about the rules of GDPR in depth. We studied which tools could optimize the processes and at the same time we gave the candidates and the companies a good experience. We implemented procedures for all processes and got down to business.

A clear trend

3 years have passed and analyzing our data, a clear trend is emerging. We have got assignments from all the above-mentioned alternatives, where some have used foreign companies, some have used locals, some have used larger companies, and some have done it themselves. However, the tendency is clear, once a task is completed, the customers continue to approach us.

When customers are asked, their answers point to our reasonable prices, our market knowledge, our ability of speaking and understanding professional maritime language, our skill to familiarize thoroughly with each task, our talent to provide the most qualified candidate, our service of advertising the client company to potential candidates and their feeling of security at our quality level.

MARPRO have just opened an office in The Netherlands – we truly believe that in order to be a specialist in a country, you need to be present, speak the local language and attend the local events.

Choosing a recruitment partner is all about the trust. Trust is not something you get – but something you earn. Next time your company begins a hiring process, consider how the task is solved in the best way.
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