Blue Denmark is launching a new ambitious research and innovation project

The maritime innovation project Blue INNOship focused on developing green and energy-efficient solutions. Now the work with the successor Blue INNOship II is in progress, and the focus here is on digitization and new business models.
During the coming years, the maritime sector must adjust to the development of pace as never seen before. In order to keep Blue Denmark in lead of the field, there is a need to start the work on the research and innovation project Blue INNOship II. Focus will be the smart ship of the future, including digital solutions, measurement and control surfaces, Internet of Things, autonomous systems and operations, cyber security, sustainability, energy efficiency, regulatory needs and business models of the future.

To pursue the above focus areas the steering committee of Blue INNOship II have decided to employ Rune Hahn Kristensen as a Project Manager. In June, the Danish Maritime Fund granted DKK 25 million in order to support the activities based on the recommendations of the Danish Maritime Strategy Team. One of the Maritime Strategy Team’s recommendations was to ensure the continuation of a research and development platform. Thus, the Fund supports the development of the basis for Blue INNOship II. The first Blue INNOship has provided several successful and innovative results for the benefit of Blue Denmark. For instance, the partners, (Vessel Performance Solutions, Torm, J. Lauritzen, FORCE Technology and Aalborg University) involved in the “Vessel Performance Decision Support” project, have generated a cost reduction of DKK 70 million for the shipping companies Torm and J. Lauritzen on the operation of their fleet involved during 2016.

It will be the Project Manager Rune Hahn Kristensen’s responsibility to gather all relevant stakeholders. The goal is on one hand to strengthen Blue Denmark in the rapidly increasing digitalization and automation as well as in the complex environment created by this, and on the other hand to develop and strengthen the competences that create innovation and competitive advantages for Blue Denmark.

Initially the Blue INNOship II project will run until spring 2018 producing two results, first an analysis based on the report of the Maritime Strategy Team, describing the strength, challenges and development potentials of the Blue Denmark and thus setting benchmarks for future development needs, and secondly creating a concrete application to Innovation Fund Denmark where a call is expected in the spring 2018. At the same time, other research related projects should be established.

“It is an exciting project, which I have followed closely and I look very much forward to head the further development. Blue Denmark contains an ocean of development opportunities, which have not been opened yet. As an industry, we are under pressure from international competition and new digital players. We are in a kind of innovation race, where it is important to expand our skills and know-how as fast as possible. We hope that Blue INNOship II can become a forum where research and new technologies can easily be tested. We must demonstrate what works, thereby creating competitive advantages, export successes and good environmental measures. It will be an exciting collaboration across professional groups that will create a very special drive”, says Rune Han Kristensen, who comes from a position as Innovation Portfolio Manager at Maersk Line.

During the following months invitations will be sent to workshops around the country, and the working method is that stakeholders work from a long-term perspective and make suggestions as to how the ship of the future will look like, its business systems and interfaces as to, for instance, harbors as well as how transport- and logistics systems could look like.

Subsequently, you return from the future to the present ensuring that the road to the future is paved with innovation and solid research.
Blue INNOship
- Denmark's largest maritime innovation project

Blue INNOship is a societal partnership focusing on creating growth and employment in the Blue Denmark through development of green and energy-efficient solutions.

Blue INNOship consists of app. 40 partners covering suppliers, shipowners, consultants, universities and schools, GTS institutions, authorities and classification societies, who work together in 5 work packages containing 14 active projects and 1 pre-study.

The long term objective of Blue INNOship is to develop an innovation model for the Danish maritime industry and the partnership is an investment in the development of this strong common innovation model that will offer a central, competitive advantage for the Danish maritime industry.

The activities in Blue INNOship is funded by the project partners, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Maritime Fund and Orient's Fund.

Background for Blue INNOship

The background for Blue INNOship is found in the Government’s Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark from December 2012, where it is stated that “Green solutions are the future for the Blue Denmark”.

As a consequence of the Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark, a catalogue designed as an inspiration and prioritisation framework for new, intelligent investments in innovation were developed as part of Innovation Fund Denmark's INNO+ initiative. The INNO+ initiative is focusing on specific and significant societal challenges, in which there is a potential for Denmark to create innovative solutions in the short or medium term.

In a maritime context the INNO+ initiative focused on 'Blue jobs via green solutions'. Blue INNOship and the connected activities are the outcome of the process with creating a societal partnership with this focus. 
Source: Maritime DTU 
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