An outsider to succeed in maritime innovation
When innovating and creating new and ground breaking solution, my experience has taught me to seek inspiration outside the industry or from the start-ups, where the game rules of maritime industry do not rule.
18 years of business cards
Sometimes people ask me, what it takes to become a recruiter. Well, it does require a multitude of various skills, Sales and Marketing, HR and IT just to name a few.
DFDS’s success shows apprenticeships can help in recruiting ratings
Five new ratings have begun permanent contracts with DFDS after completing apprenticeships. Could this be the solution to recruiting more UK ratings?
The impact of the IMO GHG Strategy on shipping
In this guest blog post published by UK Chamber of Shipping, Tore Longva from DNV GL Maritime explains all the different ways by which emissions regulation will be an industry game-changer.
Should shipping lines mergers be prevented?
Out of 20 operational shipping lines 8 lines were either being purchased or complete being merged into another big groups , 1 has been bankrupt
Overview of the trade war and the effect on shipping
The trade war is a speeding train, accelerating with every trade-restrictive retaliatory measure imposed and becoming ever more difficult to stop.
Why not to use a rotating wire brush
Wire brushing is used and misunderstood, as an easy and cheap method to “clean” corroded spots before painting.
Transformation in Recruitment and HR prefaced by Data Analytic Tools
The article “How Big Data and Analytics are Transforming Recruitment and HR” is informative because it is a pleading for a data based and data analyzing recruiting.
Cruising Ahead: An Overview of The Maritime Industry
Cruises have long been a holiday favourite. Stopping at a variety of destinations and with luxury on-board facilities, tourists worldwide choose to spend their summers on the seas.
The trade war is all about the eastbound transpacific trade lane
When two of the world’s top trading partners, get entangled in a stand-off, where the outbreak of a trade war could become the extended tool of intense negotiations, we’d better prepare for what may come.
Disrupt your shipping agent - SeaSearch
The new start up company SeaSearch is about to launch the first maritime platform, which breaks down the traditional silos in maritime thinking and provides services across the industry with only one entry point.
Peter Gast Regatta 2017
A personal report from my participation in the 2017 Peter Gast Regatta.
The new super carriers - and the few ones being left behind
The consolidation in container shipping continues, with OOCL now being taken over by COSCO - with the usual caveat that we need to see the ruling from relevant competition authorities
Opinion - Disruption doesn’t happen by itself – it takes people
By leveraging collaboration, communication and trust companies will not only create leaner and more agile organisations it’s also beneficial for retaining and attracting both employees and customers.
Autonomous ships and their impact
Inmex vietnam 2021
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NEVA 2021
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