Bjarne Foldager elected as new president for Danish Maritime

At this year's general meeting of the maritime industry's trade association Danske Maritime on Thursday 25 April, Bjarne Foldager, who is CEO of MAN Energy Solutions, was elected as new chairman. He takes over the chairmanship from Thomas S. Knudsen.

On Thursday, Danske Maritime was able to celebrate its 100th birthday. Prior to the official celebration, the annual general meeting was also to mark a transition. Here, a new chairman, Bjarne Foldager, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions, was elected.

“I have been following the maritime industry for more than 25 years. It is an honor that I am now allowed to help draw the association's course, and I would like to thank you for this trust. The maritime industry is a global industry, and competition from other maritime nations is fierce. Unfortunately, it is not enough to be a innovative industry in the global competition if the others have conditions that are significantly better than ours. In Danske Maritime we will continue the work of creating better terms and opportunities for all member companies,” explains Bjarne Foldager.

“I look forward to working with Bjarne Foldager. I have no doubt that Bjarne, in the role of president of Danish Maritime, is the right person to lead our work in releasing the many opportunities that we as an industry face. "

Bjarne Foldager takes over the chairmanship from Thomas S. Knudsen, who at the end of the year withdrew from the position as CEO of MAN Energy Solutions.

“I would like to thank Thomas S. Knudsen, who is actually among the longest-standing presidents of Danske Maritime's 100-year history. His knowledge of the industry and pleasant being has been a source of inspiration and good sparring not only for me and the Association, but for the entire maritime industry, ”says Jenny N. Braat, Managing Director of Danish Maritime.

That Danske Maritime could celebrate its 100th birthday later in the day did not make the appointment less important. The maritime industry is more than ever in a vulnerable position, with global challenges, but also global opportunities. That is why Bjarne Foldager comes to work already from day one. However, a flying start is not something that the Association's CEO is afraid of causing the new president problems.

“Bjarne has been a part of the industry for many years, and he has great insight into the maritime industry and in the Blue Denmark in general. Both nationally and internationally from his career at MAN Energy Solutions and before that from Maersk. The insight and experience that he brings to the table will benefit the entire Danish maritime industry. I'm not in doubt for a moment, ”concludes Jenny N. Braat.

As an industry association, Danish Maritime is the meeting place for Danish manufaturers of maritime equipment and ships. One of the most important tasks of the association is to contribute to the continuous success and global competitiveness of the Danish maritime industry by promoting favourable conditions for the Danish maritime industry.

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