Bawat is growing rapidly

The 100% Danish-owned company Bawat has developed a unique ballast water treatment system whose technology is based on pasteurization. The company has within a short time obtained both IMO and USCG approval and there is great interest in the concept world-wide.

That is why Bawat is growing rapidly. 

Bawat currently has three vacancies:

Area Sales Manager

Internal Sales

Technical and Sales Support

Bawat's partner MARPRO assists with the recruitments and Managing Director Jakob le Fevre from MARPRO says "There is great interest in the positions at Bawat. It is not every day that we see a 100% professional Danish start-up concept based on sound principles of circular economy. and sustainability. We notice that these parameters mean more and more to the candidates we have in the process and in terms of Bawat, it has made our work easier - as it is possible to attract the best candidates with each their expertise and experience ".

The Bawat system has a wide range of advantages over the traditional technologies based on UV or chemicals. Jakob le Fevre elaborates "First of all, Bawat´'s system is energy neutral as it utilizes the excess heat from the main engine. But beyond that, it is also a one pass system, which makes ballast water operation easier. There are no consumables such as UV tubes and chemicals and no fine filters to be cleaned or backflushed. It is a very simple system built up of well-known marine components that can be serviced by any engineer. "

In addition to the system designed for installation on ships, Bawat has also developed a container-based system, which has great potential for world-wide, in i.a. offshore industry and in ports.

Bawat now has 14 employees in the office at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm, 2 local offices abroad, and a number of sales agents globally.
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