The advantage of being linked with a headhunter

Jakob le Fevre, Principal Recruiter, MARPRO
If you are active on LinkedIn, you have probably been asked to link up by headhunters that you do not now personally. Without knowing the background, one could ask, why should I link up with a person I don´t know personally? I am not interested in another job, I have a great job and have no plans to move – and I also want to be loyal to the company I work for. 
Well, in this post I want to share some insights with you regarding this.
First, you don´t start to search for jobs and position yourself when you are terminated from a job or you consider a job change. This is way too late. You should build your personal brand and position yourself thorough your entire career. 
Starting to spice up your LinkedIn profile when have realized that there is no future for you in the job you are in, could furthermore create attention from your colleagues and the management and your last time in the company could be shorter than you expected.
LinkedIn is the public CV database for headhunters. We can write to you if we are connected. But, if we are not connected, we can ask to link up, but can only use few words in the request.
Then we can use the alternative LinkedIn Inmail, that we can send to profiles, even we are not connected.
Depending on our LinkedIn Recruiter version, headhunters have 30-150 Inmails available per month and in a single search, we easily use 100 - if we are not connected to the people we search for.
We can purchase additional Inmails, they a priced at 10$ each with some volume discount if larger amounts are purchased. That means that an assignment, where we have 100 relevant candidates we want to inform about the job, but no Inmails available, will cost us around 1000$ - which is a lot of money, for just sending emails.
So, every day we prioritize. We create a list of relevant profiles that we want to inform about the opportunity. Then we send to all that we are connected to – because this is free for us. Then we send to the candidates that we see best fit for the role, but it can sometimes be hard to decide who to contact. Because LinkedIn offers no detailed information about place of living, age and some profiles have very limited information on the profile page.
That is one of the top reasons you should consider linking up to relevant headhunters.
Another good reason is, that I have carefully build up my maritime network on LinkedIn since 2005 and are now connected to nearly 20.000 in the business. That means, that by linking up with me, you get nearly 20.000 profiles in second, which makes it much easier for you expand your network.
If you – after reading this – want to link up, please click

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