Ultra Sound Dynamic Biofilm Protection

Hasytec Scandinavia GmbH
Hedwig von Goetzen Str 13
Rostock, 18059

The HASYTEC system ensures that you through a one-time installation, without any service or maintenance can keep your coolers, pipes, filters, propellers and hull free from any marine growth. It saves you money on cleaning, divers and fuel. Systems installed worldwide. All parts and components DNV approved. Completely in line with sustainability and green profiles.
Hasytec Scandinavia GmbH
Ole Nielsen
Wokrenter Strasse 38
Rostock 18055
HASYTEC Scandinavia GmbH is the distributor of HASYTEC Electronics ultra sound equipment for Dynamic Biofilm Protection in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. With a onetime installation and, no maintenance or chemicals, we offer complete, and sustainable, protection for your ship or industrial plant against all marine growth. All components are approved by classification society. A proven track record of installations world wide, together with our 5 year guarantee for the result will reduce your cost for cleaning and save fuel.