Romtrust RO

159 Babadag Street, Building Coral Plaza Mall,

ROM TRUST is one of the first Romanian Crew-Manning Companies, established in 1995, audited and certified by the Romanian Naval Authority.

Rom Trust crewing agency specializes in providing the best qualified crew to Shipowners, Shipmanagers and has as primary objective the development of a successful long-term relationship with the clients.

Rom Trust intends to provide the clients with an impeccable service that meets the global standards in identifying and recruiting the finest personnel available on the local market.
Rom Trust aims to respond to the growing demand of higher quality human resources for maritime industry, in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness. Through a comprehensive screening process we are able to assess the needs of both employers and applicants.

Rom Trust’s ambition is to bring together professionals and clients all over the world. We plan to become leaders in the market that we act and to be a good example to those around us.
Our staff includes experienced, specialists who know this sector well. We are familiar with the domestic labor market and the legislation.

The company policy is focusing on ensuring the safety of navigation and a healthy work environment for the officers and crew on board of a ship, on the reduction of risk to their health and also on keeping the safety of the other people on board. We continuously try to identify the risks which could affect the safety of the personnel, the vessel's property and the environment and precautionary measures are taken in order to ensure that these risks are minimized. Comprehending safety as the major concern of the shipping industry, Rom Trust is encouraging the personnel ashore to improve their safety management skills by attending training courses.

In this line of work we follow a rule: quality and safety are the way to successful results in ship-management.