G�gginger Stra�e 73
Augsburg, 86159

RENK product range:
� Special-gears for merchant and naval vessels with diesel engines, turbines and/or electric drives; systems for offshore patrol vessels, frigates, corvettes, megayachts, ferries
� Single- and combining-marine gears, especially CODOG, CODAG, CODAD, CODELAG, as well as cross-connecting gears
� Electric drive module RENK AED for naval ships, research vessels, megayachts, including control units
� Planetary and planetary reversing gears
� For power ranges from 3,000 kW up to 45,000 kW and beyond
� Compliant with highest demands on acoustic signature and shock-resistance, and low weight
� Gear units with integrated thrust bearings, multi-disk clutches and fluid couplings
� Advanced thrust bearings for shaft-lines
� Curved tooth couplings, diaphragm and steel disk couplings for all drive applications in the fields of marine and offshore application, for all speeds
� Slide bearings for generators and electrical propulsion motors for merchant and military vessels, also shock resistant
� After-sales service including RENK-MAAG marine gear units