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Str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, nr. 64 500085

Protos LTD. was founded in 1993 and is recruiting personnel for various professions in Romania and abroad. Since 1996 we are focused on recruiting personnel for the cruise, air and hospitality worldwide industry, being licensed by the Romanian Government.

Due to the standard of our operations we became leader of the Romanian market.
As main features of the Romanian Human Resources Market should be kept into consideration:

– Wide offer of multi-lingual qualified personnel

– Very high motivation of the applicants

– Low costs

At this time we can recruit over 80 working positions related with the hospitality industry: from food&beverage personnel to casino, from beauty&spa to deck, from medical staff to technical.

We proudly are in business for over a decade with industry leaders such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruises, Steiner, Workaway International and more recently with Etihad Airways and Aida Cruises.

Should any other information be necessary, please feel free to contact us as per your convenience.