STR. BABADAG, NR. 14, BL. 8, SC. A, AP. 16

Our agency is fully authorized in branch by the Romanian Naval Authority – with Authorization APN 03 no. 0014, and we have the proper qualified personnel and the experience in order to assure your company with high quality crewing services: seafarers’ selection, consultancy, visas, and all other issues related to crewmembers on board.
We must mention that our staff’s experience in shipping business is of over 15 years and our Agency has been founded in 2001. Till present we have supplied crewmembers to foreign Ship Owners from Greece, Italy, U.S.A., U.A.E., India, Syria, for following types of vessels: CG (big and small), Cement Carriers, BC, Containers, TK (alimentary, Ch, LPG, Oil), Pax, RoRo/Cg, RoRo/Pax, TUG, scraps.
We are always looking for expanding and developing our agency, improving and extending our services to our clients.
Based on our complete, various and big database we can supply your vessels with Romanian Seamen, for all requested ranks on board. Our seamen are certified according to STCW ’95, having the necessary experience on board vessels under foreign flag, being highly qualified as per rank, physically and psychically strong and stabile. Their English knowledge are strictly verified by our staff.
Forwarding to these, they can be successfully implemented in any international – mixed crew.

The conditions of the Employment / Salaries Scales are per your company’s regulations.

Please find below the Analytical Process of Selecting and Signing on/off the Crew and other points related to our future collaboration.
For any other questions / amendments please do not hesitate to contact us.