PANOLIN International Inc.

PANOLIN International Inc.
Blaesimuehle 2-6
Madetswil, 8322

The PANOLIN family of GREENMARINE �long-life�, Environmentally Considerate Lubricants - approved by major OEMs/Seal Manufacturers - offers stern tube oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids and greases/cable lubricants for all marine vessel/dockside/offshore applications. Various environmental �label� accreditations bear testimony to the stringent targets for biodegradability, toxicity and bio-accumulation, met by PANOLIN ECLs. Additionally, the US EPA has allowed us to use their logo on our GreenMarine Product Data Sheets as an acknowledgement that we have had the testing done to show that our 'EAL' Products meet these ecological requirements of the Vessel General Permit 2013. With a heritage of over 60 years of successful Swiss Oil Technology and having had a focus for the past 30-plus years on biodegradable, minimal toxicity lubricants offering the potential for reducing CO? emissions, PANOLIN today, is a global leader in Environmentally Considerate Lubricants.