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Nieland B.V.

Nieland B.V.
Plutoweg 13
Leeuwarden, 8938 AC

Nieland is reputed for the hydraulic shipbuilding presses and frame bending machines for the cold forming of compound curvature hull panels and frames. Shaping hull panels with these compound curvatures is a challenge for most shipyards. Nieland offers the solution with shipbuilding presses of the SBP-series which apply rolling (stretching) and bending in one single unit. Because cold forming is partially skill based, Nieland will train the operators during a 2-3 months training period on client's site. The frame bending machines of the SBK-series are designed for shaping all kinds of ship's frames like flat bulbs, angle and T-bars. Nieland's shipbuilding presses and frame bending machines are exported from The Netherlands and commissioned & serviced worldwide.