Navigare Capital Partners

Navigare Capital Partners
Strandvejen 70
Hellerup, 2900

Drawing on the company’s network and the many years of expertise of its teams, Navigare Capital Partners facilitates investments in maritime assets. It is a Danish FAIF-approved investment company, operating a maritime investment fund on behalf of selected professional partners and investors.

Navigare Capital Partners delivers a clear and focused maritime asset ownership strategy to generate attractive risk adjusted returns based on a diversified portfolio of assets with different terms of fixed employment, with conservative risk-reward profiles.

Providing effective risk management at a market, asset and counterpart level, we facilitate the full investment cycle – from deal screening to execution, securing employment and operation – while outsourcing specialised functions to market leaders in their fields, and deciding on optimised disinvestment.

Our business and our business partners
Navigare Capital Partners invests in maritime assets, in existing modern vessels or newbuildings, as well as in maritime asset-backed securities and debt from the financial sector. The assets are vessels within different shipping segments, for example: Container, Dry Bulk, Off Shore, Gas, Crude, Product and Chemical tanker vessels, creating a diversified portfolio.

The purpose is to acquire attractive assets, secure suitable employment ranging from short to medium and longer-term periods, and to optimise the timely selling of the tonnage.

In a truly global market, we engage with a trusted network amongst international shipbrokers, trading houses, first-class shipyards and shipowners from around the world for the screening and selection of investment and disinvestment deals, while engaging with top-tier charterers and end-users for employment of the tonnage.

Navigare Capital Partners collaborates with maritime financial institutions to facilitate financing and deal creation.