Navig Consulting RO

Navig Consulting RO
Tomis 20-26 (Hotel Tineretului Room 220)

Our Crewing agency has a large supply of qualified, licensed, certified and experienced crew of all ranks. All Masters,officers and engineers were educated at the Naval Academy and Maritime University.
We are strongly determined to continue to enhance and make available all necessary resources required in order to meet the challenges of today awaiting for the demands of tomorrow. Our experienced staff and seafarers give us the strength to maintain ourselves in the todays very competitive and unstable shipping environment.

OUR COMPANY places great emphasis on both customer and crewing relationship management and provide improved crew management for its Owners & Clients. All types of crew management services is offered to our worldwide Partners.Crew management made by Navig Consulting T.D.I leaves the Shipowner free to concentrate on Chartering, Operations, Sale & Purchase, manning/repairing/safety and maitenance being the main and solely purpose of our crews. As we like to say : Quality Ship is a Clean and Safe Ship.


The applicants are interviewed face to face being especially emphasized the way their former jobs on board of different ships unrolled, different technical problems they met or any other kind of problems they had and how they solved them. After these interviews we ask for references from the Agency which posted them before, from the authorities they are conspicuous with and which issues licences for the navigation personnel. The last check up implies a telephone conversation with the last filler-out they worked for. In this way we are able to have a complete image on the applicant based on which we do our evaluation. This evaluation is sent to the potential employer. Before he makes the final decision, the potential employer has a telephone conversation with the applicant.