ME Production A/S

ME Production A/S
Sandholm 7
Frederikshavn, 9900

ME Production is a leading player in the global markets for marine equipment. ME Production is an international technology company that develops and manufactures innovative emission reduction systems for marine applications. Our advanced solutions ensure compliance with stringent IMO SOx and NOx emission limits that come into force in ECAs in 2015 and worldwide 2020 and are the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions on the market. We offer two specific marine exhaust gas cleaning systems � the MX Scrubber and the MX-SCR - reducing SOx and NOx emissions respectively. ME Production is a leading market supplier of marine reduction gearboxes, Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) systems and service solutions for wind turbine gearboxes and marine gearboxes. The company designs and manufactures marine gearboxes and delivers either the gearbox only or the complete propulsion package including controllable pitch propeller and remote control system. We offer a full service package on wind turbine gearboxes, marine gearboxes, controllable pitch propellers and control systems. We are specialist in steel constructions, machining as well as sheet metal fabrication and offers professional and customised solutions to a versatile range of industries worldwide - from cement production to the food industry.