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Avoid breakdowns! Reduce wear and failure of components on both main and auxiliary engines, maintain your diesel and engine lube oils, improve Equipment reliability and extend oil life time. Resolve the issure of water Ingression into your Stern tube lub oi., improve oil conditions and defer dry-Docking and allow vessel to continue working. Install CJC� Oil Filters, Filter Separators or Desorbers for maintaining gas oils, gear oils, lube and hydraulic oils on board. New ruels might affect Your oil System! Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) Due to new environmental regulations from the US Environmental Protection Agency, you might have to change from mineral oils to biodegradable oils. Install a CJC� Desorber/Oil Filter Combi Unit and remove water from emulsified biodegradable oils in thrusters, stern tubes, rudders etc. Save 2/3 on Your Maintenance Costs! Clean oil increases your Equipment availability and reliability thus reducing your oil maintenance.