Horizon Infinity

Horizon Infinity
Traian Street, no. 68A, 3th floor, room 2-7,10 900

Since January this year we started our crewing company in Constanta, Romania,
founded by two Dutch owners.
Horizon Infinity Jobs (HI-Jobs) has her focus on crewing of Romanian citizen for inland vessels and trucks.

Horizon Infinity Jobs consist of Johan de Bot (entrepreneur/consultant in European multimodal transportations via water, rail and road.) and Marylou Overmeer (specialized in human resource management and fleet management). By merging our knowledge and cooperation we resulted in HI-Jobs.

Two years ago we started to sail with own dry cargo vessels on the Danube between Austria and Romania. Because of the different rules, EU/non-EU and culture extra pilots and crewmember were mandatory. In that period no crewing company could suite together with our standards in accompaniment and quality. A natural consequence was to start up a own specialized Romanian crewing company, resulted in Horizon Infinity Jobs Srl.

Our motivated and experienced crew would be professional guarded via our office in Constanta. All our available crewmembers are having a legal Romanian contract with all paid state taxes. For every crewmember we have an disease- and accident insurance, pension and child benefit.

We can offer you all kind of Romanian crewmembers for on Danube and European rivers and for on the road.
A short selection we have available;

--> Deck-hand <--
--> Sailor <--
--> Boatswain <--
--> Steersman <--
--> Captain <--
--> Mechanical Engineer <--
--> Receptionist <--
--> Waiter <--
--> Housekeeper <--
--> Cabin Steward(ess) <--
--> Laundry Steward(ess) <--
--> (International) Truck drivers <--

If you need any crewmembers on board of your vessel or you just want to receive some more non-committal information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.