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Hempel A/S

Hempel A/S
Lundtofteg�rdsvej 91
Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

Hempel has supplied marine coatings since 1915 and we launched the world's first antifouling coating for ships' hulls in 1917. With 100 years extensive experience in marine coatings we provide you a full range of proven performance coatings and technical service that can help you reduce fuel bills, extend maintenance cycles and cut drydock expenses. We invest in developing products that help you achieve your environmental targets and continually strive to reduce emissions and waste from our own operations. Using advanced technology and stringent testing, the range of our coatings extend from coatings for the underwater hull (Fouling defence, antifouling and fouling release) to ballast tank coatings, coatings for cargo tanks and holds, shop primers and coatings to protect superstructures, decks and engine rooms. Our marine coatings provide optimum protection for newbuilding and maintenance, both on-board and in drydock. Our team of 600+ FROSIO/NACE qualified coating advisors in shipyards around the world ensure you get the best possible solution, while keeping application costs and drydock time to a minimum.