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Shipping has hardly any options to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and toxic emissions. That’s where we come in:

Our “drop-in” biofuels offer a combination of SOx, NOx and CO2 emission reductions that no other fuel can achieve without the need for capital-intensive fleet renewal or retrofitting. It is suitable for use on any type of ship with any type of usage profile.

The Facts
- 90% of all global trade is transported by ship
- The shipping industry contributes significantly to global emissions: up to 4% CO2, 10-15% NOx and 5-9% SOx.
- With trade volumes expected to increase steadily of the next decades, shipping is on course to become the fifth largest source of manmade CO2, and the largest source of SOx and NOx
- Emissions of SOx, NOx and soot particles are major factors causing acid rain and health problems.
- Other transport sectors have been under heavy pressure to clean up