Future Pipe Industries B.V.

Future Pipe Industries B.V.
J.C. Kellerlaan 3
Hardenberg, 7772 SG

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is a leading global manufacturer of bespoke Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe solutions for the most demanding marine, oil & gas, water and industrial applications. For the marine and shipbuilding industry FPI offers two product series: Fibermar� and Wavistrong�. Fibermar� is a GRE pipe system specially developed for in-tank applications exposed to external pressure onboard ships. Wavistrong� is specifically suitable for pipe systems not exposed to external pressure. Other than conventional steel pipe systems, the non-corrosive and easy to repair Fibermar� and Wavistrong� systems are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the ship. Therewith reducing your operating cost and expensive dry dock time. Furthermore, its low weight decreases your installation cost and allows for more cargo onboard and reduced fuel consumption.