Dampskibskajen 3
Rønne, 3700

Bornholmstrafikken was established back in 1866 by some local business people from the isle of Bornholm, who wanted to provide a more reliable ferry connection between the isle of Bornholm and the rest of Denmark. Originally, the company was called ”Dampskibsselskabet paa Bornholm of 1866” (“The steamship Company on Bornholm of 1866”), colloquially referred to as the ”66”-company.

Up until 1973, the shipping company was a privately owned limited company. When the Danish Government in 1973 took over the responsibility for servicing the isle of Bornholm, the company was renamed to its present name; Bornholmstrafikken, and it became a governmentally owned company under the Danish Ministry of Transport.

In 2003, Bornholmstrafikken’s ferry lines to the two cities Køge (Denmark) and Ystad (Sweden) were put out for tender. Bornholmstrafikken won the tender and, on 1 May 2005, the company became a public limited company. The development since has been rapid:

In 2007, Bornholmstrafikken A/S joined forces with Clipper A/S and formed the company Nordic Ferry Services, and the same year, Nordic Ferry Services won the tender for the ferry line between the city Sælvig on the Danish isle of Samsø and the city Hou in Jutland. This line is today called Samsøtrafikken. Samsøtrafikken is managed by Bornholmstrafikken.

The ferry line between Samsø and Zealand is owned by the company Samsø Linien. Bornholmstrafikken today manages this ferry line and, on 1 January 2010, Nordic Ferry Services formally took over this ferry line.

On 1 January 2008, Clipper A/S bought the shipping company Sydfynske A/S. The management of Sydfynske’s three ferry lines is handled by Bornholmstrafikken. At the same time, the ferry lines were renamed Alstrafikken, Fanøtrafikken and Langelandstrafikken.

In 2010 Nordic Ferry Services, Bornholmstrafikken and Sydfynske were merged into Færgen A/S.