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EMRI A/S - Specialist in autopilots, joystick / DP systems, steering control systems and much more

Marielundvej 37A
Herlev, 2730

EMRI is a Danish technology company in the maritime sector, founded in 1972. EMRI has been the world leader in the development of analogue steering and rudder control systems for improving ships’ steering capabilities and thus a significant reduction of oil consumption onboard. For more than 45 years, EMRI has delivered autopilots, joystick / DP systems, complete steering control systems and much more to all types of ships in the maritime industry.

EMRI maintains production of over 600 products and is committed to excellence in autopilots, steering control systems and maneuvering of ships.

Product range includes:
- Autopilots & Track Control Systems
- Joystick / DP Systems, PC Systems
- Steering Control System, PLC based
- Rudder Indicator Systems
- Custom designed Bridge Instrumentation
- Turbocharger Monitoring Instruments
- Wind Indicator Systems
- Docking Displays

The HQ in Herlev just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark houses sales, design, manufacturing and quality control. All products are built with quality components to ensure long life and high performance.