Ellwood Crankshaft Group

Ellwood Crankshaft Group
2727 Freedland Road
Hermitage, PA, 16148
United States

Ellwood Crankshaft Group (ECG) is the premier manufacturer of crankshafts, connecting rods and forged cylinders and remanufacturer for the world�s leading engine builders, boasting 8 dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities and the capacity to produce over 10,000 crankshafts per year. The company employs cutting-edge technologies ($300 million invested over the last decade) across forging, machining, heat treating and surface hardening giving customers access to a fully-redundant, integrated supply chain (including steelmaking). ECG will commission in 2016 an industry revolutionizing multi directional forging press and a new fully equipped manufacturing plant for the CGF-forge (Continuous Grain Flow) production of the world�s largest monoblock crankshafts. ECG has a history of closely partnering with engine builders and design firms to develop and optimize crankshaft prototypes utilizing in house full scale sectional fatigue testing. It offers certifications through all of the world's marine certification agencies including GL, BV, DNV, ABS, LR, RINA, CCS, KR and NK.