ECS Essberger Crewing Services

ECS Essberger Crewing Services
Władysława IV 43 (Budynek
Gdynia, 81-395

ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES Sp. z o.o. Poland has been established in April 2005 with the clear goal to select and recruit young and dynamic Polish officers and engineers for the fleet manned by ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES GmbH, Hamburg.

Why Poland?

ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES GmbH , Hamburg is committed to man it’s vessels with European Officers, as the fleet is mainly trading in Northern Europe . The officers on board will come mainly from Poland and Germany . These two nationalities have a long history in good seamanship, the education of their seafarers is excellent and past experiences have shown that seafarers from both nations can work well in a team.

Career prospects

ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES GmbH , Hamburg is in a position to offer to qualified officers and engineers stable work conditions and good career prospects. The senior staff presently serving on board has been with the company for many years and within the next five years a large number of these senior officers are due to retire. This opens great opportunities for new applicants. Firstly they are in a position to be well trained by their senior crew, due to their vast experience on all kinds of chemical cargoes. Secondly the junior officers have excellent promotion opportunities, due to the clear commitment of ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES GmbH , Hamburg , to promote new senior staff from within the pool of junior officers.

The vessels manned by ESSBERGER CREWING SERVICES GmbH , Hamburg are owned by the companies of the DAL/Essberger Group. Their commitment to quality and stability will