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DCR Cruise Services RO

DCR Cruise Services RO
2 Alba Iulia Square, Bl i1, Entr B, Fl 8, Ap 44,

KEY SOLUTIONS DCR Cruise Services can tailor customised cruise ship solutions that can range from integrated management systems to economically sound training programms for crew members, key shipboard personnel, fuel consumption & cost optimisation solutions, ship-shore communication, cruise schedule planning, logistic solutions, fleet monitoring systems and others.

CAREERS Are you ready to embark in a hotel career journey? Careers on cruise ships are some of the most challenging and interesting careers in the hotel industry.

ON SHIP SERVICES Our core services are offered on board the ship. Underpinned by a close and carefully selected network of reliable partners, we are able to respond flexibly to the complex needs of our clients.
LAND SERVICES Agency activities provide the critical interface between ship and port, police and customs authorities. When sailing in Romanian waters and entering Romanian ports, ships have to comply with regulatory requirements.