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Fires aboard ships are both dangerous and costly.There is no possibility for the people aboard to escape and great values are at risk.

Each year, a couple of hundred fires aboard merchant ships are registered, the majority occurring from leaks in the engine room.

Some fires result in loss of lives, while others “only” means high costs for repairs and losses related to deriving logistic issues.

Fuel is pumped from tanks to the engines through pipes and tubes under high pressure. If any leak occurs, fuel vapors or gasses could leak into the open engine room with the risk of ignition.

Our Solution
LAS-10 – a fire-prevention “Leakage Alarm System” is our solution. The functionality of our Leakage Alarm System is based on a very large amount of air flow – 10.000 liters per minute – which is led through a detection chamber and trough a specially designed filter mesh.

The electronics in the detector combines and analyzes the content of both the oil sprays and gasses, which are detected by a sudden increase of collected oil or by the electronic gas sensor. No other solution on the market combines these two detection methods, or even using our patented technique as an indicator of fire and explosion risk. Moreover, the large air flow is a much quicker indicator of potential risk than previously seen in other detection systems using i.e. light scatter.

Prevention of fire is the right solution
The LAS-10 will help stop a fire before it starts providing security and a safe environment to the crew and passengers aboard. The LAS-10 is developed in close cooperation with A. P. Møller-Mærsk and has been tested and validated at the Technological Institute, Denmark. Daspos A/S launched the innovative idea behind LAS-10 and was nominated to “Enterpreneur of the year”, 2012. To develop LAS-10 Daspos A/S received financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund. In addition to preventing the risk for fire and explosions the LAS-10 is very user friendly as it has high reliability
has fast and accurate monitoring gives no false alarms is easy to maintain
10/09/2018 15:30:32
Very good for preventing fire

25/04/2017 13:16:37
A real start-up succes story - with a very innovative solution for preventing fire