Danfoss IXA A/S

Danfoss IXA A/S
Ulvehavevej 61
Veijle, 7100

At SMM, Danfoss IXA proudly launches the continuously emission monitoring marine sensor MES1001 measuring NOx, SO2 and NH3. The widely tested, robust sensor meets International Maritime Organization�s requirements and reimagines emission testing technology with a path breaking approach. The user-friendly, maintenance-free, auto-calibrated sensor monitors emissions with data easily accessible to all. We envision the sensor to be an industry standard in the years to come. The Dynamic Ventilation System installed in over 70 new-built and retro-fitted vessels gives proven savings of 15% in energy consumption by reefers and ventilation fans in reefer cargo holds. The easily integrated, customizable system automatically controls ventilation with a set of controllers, sensors, and intelligent algorithms giving assured returns with fuel savings from day one.