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Gizat global communication
Gizat global communication Gizat global
Israel Azrieli Rishonim Businees Tower, NIM Avn. #2
Rishon Le Zion
Gizat global communication Gizat global communication  Gizat global
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Gizat Global Communication provides a vast array of communication platforms, routes services and tools to support satellite service providers as well as users.

With a vast experience for over than 20 years in the satellite communication market, Gizat can empower your business operations and provide you with various advance solutions to increase your business operation efficiency and enable you to gain a competitive advantage over the market which will enable you to enhance your value proposition.

Gizat Global Communication is dedicated to providing excellence in the satellite communication world.

Gizat’s solutions, starting from preliminary design & planning, through Implementation management and turnkey projects, and all the way till a full and successful delivery.

Gizat’s comprehensive solutions covers all aspects of satellite communication (FSS and MSS) including Data & Voice, HW, IT solutions, Dashboards and SaaS platforms.

Gizat Global Communication focuses on 3 main segments;

Enhanced Voice Services
Satellite Communication
Added Value Solutions

Whether it is broadband connectivity for a deep sea going merchant ship, a fleet wide solution, a luxury yacht sailing in the Caribbean, or a private jet which needs inflight Internet connectivity to its passengers cabin crew or operational needs, Gizat can provide a turnkey solution across all market segments:

Land Commercial Business
Government & Security
Safety & Aid

Each of Gizat’s personnel brings with him many years of experience and skills across the markets segments and will strive to support you with a personal and dedication approach.

Please explore our website or contact me directly to find out more of how Gizat Global Communication Solutions can empower your business operations.


Kobi Ohayon
Founder & Managing Director