Balteam Crewing Agency

Balteam Crewing Agency
Biuro Obsługi Klienta ul. Sienna 10/1
Szczecin, 70-542

Pon.-Pt. 9:00-17:00
In 1990, after over 20 years of sea service under Polish and foreign flags, Director of the Company Captain Sławomir W. Pietrusiewicz has took the challenge to organize and run private Crewing Agency in Poland the way to meet the highest standards of international shipping from one side and fulfill the expectation of seamen for trusted and friendly Manning Agent on the other side.

Being the active member of the economical transformation in Poland BALTEAM developed unique atmosphere among the crew which existence is visible on every vessel covered by our Manning Agreement. Hardworking, loyal, experienced, professional and highly educated seafarers involved and concerned in all aspect of shipping have positive influence on other multinational crewmembers. In 2002, having well established two town offices (Szczecin & Gdynia) and solid computer Data Base of over 8,000 registered seamen Balteam was awarded by BVQI ISO 9001 : 2000 quality certificate.

Since very beginning of our manning activities Balteam has complied with Polish Government Regulations, received relevant licenses and was listed in official Register. We have the honor to be a member of APMAR (Association of Polish Manning Agents and Shipowners Representatives) the organization that take active part to co-ordinate and consult all tasks between Maritime Offices (STCW-95 documents and licenses) Government (taxes and National Insurance) and Trade Unions (Collective Bargaining Agreements). APMAR is representative of IMEC in Poland.

In 2013 Balteam was awarded with MLC 2006 Certificate of Compliance issued by PIHZ Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade Certification, Ltd.

Today Balteam staff is ready for quick and professional action in response to any requirement the owners may think of, to calculate the most economic way of transport (of carefully selected crew) to any overseas port. Our travel agents offer the best possible airfares for short and long distant flights all over the world. Round the corner of our office in Szczecin the Maritime Academies ( MA) islocated which provide at the end of each semester new generations of young seamen. Associated with MA Training Centers equipped with anti-collision simulators, electronic charts, Bridge Team Management facilities and ultra modern training vessel mv Navigator XXI make sure that seamen’s professional level is always updated to highest maritime standards.

Our main activity is recruitment and the placement of Polish officers and seafarers.

In the context of mediation in employment we provide , inter alia, the following services:

Marlins tests on line , confirming the degree of proficiency in English ,
CES -5 Seagall tests verifying not only the level of English as well as knowledge and professional competence ,
the preparation of all necessary documentation (contracts in English , civil-law contracts in Polish, letters of guarantee , flag documents,
the application forms to arrange entry visas to the U.S. type C1 / D ,
we are Panamanian and Liberian flags authorized agent and we apply on behalf of the owner for the flag documents
transportation of seafarers to the ship and return to their home country ;
provide support in the event of any dispute between the company and a seafarer.