AITAC d.o.o.

AITAC d.o.o.
Zegoti 6/I
Kastav, 51215

AITAC Group ( consists of four companies AITAC GmbH (Germany), AITAC S.A.S (France), AITAC B.V (Netherlands) and AITAC d.o.o. (Croatia). Engineering seagoing challenges - is our mission. At AITAC, we believe that providing you final 3D models and drawings is not enough. We value a strong relationship with our customers. We listen and help you achieve your project, bringing you our experience and efficiency. We know that Yacht Engineering is not a straight path. So, we will never hide behind initial specifications, but rather guide you through all the needed changes that may occur and are required. From engineering one of the largest yachts in the world to developing PLM solutions for shipyards, AITAC can provide the support you need. Basic yacht design, structural design, mechanical design, these are the things we do. But not only. Whether you are designing a cruise liner, a frigate, an offshore supply vessel or a tug boat, our team can help you. No matter how complex your project might look, we will turn it into reality.