ACE Valve

278-4, Mangdeok-Ri, Juchun-Myeon Gimhae
South Korea

ACE VALVE Corporation is in the business of manufacturing and supplying high quality valves conforming to most demanding international standards to various industries since 1998. Due to exceptional quality and competitive price, and exported to over 27 countries and some of the well known multi-national companies such as Saipem/Italy, SWCC/Saudi Arabia, LURGI AG/Germany, BASF/China etc are our regular buyers. This was possible due to employing advanced manufacturing processes that include casting, machining, assembling and testing facilities to meet high quality standards of the demanding modern industries according to International standard (ASME, API, DIN etc).

The various types of valves based on the requirement of the buyer are made from Cast Stainless Steel, Cast Sarbon Steel, Cast Alloy Steel etc conforming with international standard (API & ANSI & ASME) with adequate capability to withstand high pressure applications.

We believe that you can rely on us quite satisfactory business with best quality in competitive price in the world. We are very happy if you do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry, and will always give satisfactory services.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Mr. C.K. AN (Simon) / Director