Hermannstr. 15
Hamburg, 20095

ABS is one of the worlds leading classification societies. Its mission is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of our members and clients by promoting the security of life and
property and preserving the natural environment. Our goal is to provide great class service by working closely with clients to meet their specific technical and operational challenges. ABS is actively engaged in research and development and practical initiatives to improve safety, efficiency, operational and environmental performance. In addition, we are proactively focused on future challenges such as cyber safety and risk-based decision making to provide clients with the tools they need to succeed safely. The new ABS Global Marine Organization provides stronger client support across all vessel sectors, connecting local clients with the broadest global experience and knowledge for project development and operational requirements. Whether for future projects or current shipping operations professional ABS engineering and survey staff across the world are on hand to deliver the best in classification service.